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Lol: K'sante's play to defend his ADC that shows that it is much more than a tank

The preseason of League of Legends is increasingly hot with the arrival of Christmas. While there is still more than a month for the official beginning of season 13, the game already lets us see what will be more or less the metaled Remodeled in this preseason and several champions have come to light with an immeasurable power, as is the case with some tanks thanks to the arrival of the new objects. But it is not just a new batch of objects and changes in the invoked crack, it is also the appearance of a new champion that has appeared in recent weeks of the 12 season and is giving enough to talk about: K'Santa. Nkrumah's pride has fallen in love with the entire community thanks to his skills kit and enormous balance of power from his departure. Many have commented that it is a spectacular tank, and that is obvious, but one of the great attractions of the champion also lies in its definitive and incredible utility if used to defend your team, as it happens in the play that

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