Page Title: Controversy Surrounding Linear Games: Creator of The Last of Us Weighs In

For some years, people with a love of video games have been in the constant struggle of linear games against more open experiences, because there are people who only want to enjoy without distracting themselves much and others who enjoy secondary tasks. The same has led to ask if the work of compact titles is easier.


Through a new tweet, the co-creator of the franchise The Last of Us, Bruce Strata, mentions that it is much easier to make video games that have a linear theme in difference.

Linear games are easier to do.

I said it.

Given this there are people who have been for and against their comment, since these types of experiences also have their certain degree of complexity, with mechanics that sufficiently hook the player so that they do not release control. As well as an interesting story, just as he worked during his time at Naughty Dog. Via: Reseter Editor's note: You may be right, after all create elements in an open world and feel alive, it can be more complicated, in the linear games you do not have to kill themselves so much, since they focus on the narrative. Although projects such as The Last of Us yes had their great difficulty in creation.


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