Find All Pale Ore Locations in Hollow Knight | Boost Your Strength with Mortal Nail Upgrades

If you have any hope of becoming stronger in Hollow Knight, one of the ways to do it is finding pale ore for the mortal nail. There is only a handful of them throughout the game, and with how big the map is, the chances of finding one are scarce unless they know where to look. Luckily, we have gathered all the locations of Pale Ore in Hollow Knight so that you do not have to look for them in all corners and cracks.

Where to find all pale minerals in Hollow Knight

To update the nail to its strongest form in Hollow Knight, you must gather all the pale minerals of the game. In total, there are 6 pale minerals. Each update, after the first, will cost one or more pale minerals, in addition to some gets. Image through the cherry team To the west of the tram station in Ancient Basin, it falls in the hall. You will find two minor males: small unpleasant creatures with too many teeth and a pension for spitting acid. Avoid acid, kill the two males, and you can grab the pale pray behind them. Image through the cherry team Did you know the seer? If you offer enough essence, the seer will give you a single pale mineral. A quick way to get Essence is to defeat warriors in the world of dreams, and it gives the chance that she gives you Dream Nail to do exactly that. The seer will change a Pale Ore for 300 Essence. Image through the cherry team Do you dare to climb? This particular piece of Pale Ore is on Hallow nests Crown in Crystal Peak, but the only way to get there is with Mantis Claw, Monarch Wings and Crystal Heart. It reaches the top (marked in screen capture), interacts with the statue of Radiance and you will get another Pale Ore. Image through the cherry team The next is protected by Nose. Go west from where Hot Spring is located in Deepest to find a break-to-air that leads to the air.


Once you have defeated Nose, continue west (in the boss's room) and you will reach another Pale Ore. Image through the cherry team The next is a pale ore held by the Grubs. Once you find 31 of the soft and soft bugs, talk to Grub father. It will give you a single pale mineral for your hard work. If you have difficulty finding enough larvae, you can also wait until you get the collector's map to make them easier. Image through the cherry team The Pale Ore Final in Hollow Knight is obtained by completing the conqueror test in the coliseum of the fools inside Kingdoms Edge. Bring your game A, overcome the test and get a pale mineral along with some gets that will be useful to update the nail. That being the sixth and last one, now you will have made good use of all Pale Ore locations in Hollow Knight. Keep in mind that gets are also required to update the nail, so it is worth accumulating a good currency reservation while collecting these update materials. To get more Hollow Knight content, we invite you to carefully read our other items using the links below. Related Posts When does hollow knight come out: Silk song on PS4 and PS5? Answered Hollow Knight: Silk song PlayStation launch finally confirmed When does hollow knight Silk song come out? Hollow Knight: Silk song obtains a new gameplay at Xbox & Bethesda Showcase 2022 Dead Cells adds the iconic nail weapon and Hollow Knight's Pogo Jump attack


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