1Update 1.1 of Wild Hearts: Enjoy No Crashes and Fewer Errors

A swing of mistake improvements for Wild Hearts was turned out with upgrade 1.05.


On all systems, you tackle a large selection of errors. This consists of those where no audio, or he was not played in sync, incorrectly given values on talismans, pursuit blockers and more. The designer additionally gets rid of the reasons for crashes as well as should no more occur. After his launch on February 17, Wild Hearts was accredited by an unpleasant efficiency throughout an evaluation of Digital Shop. Update 1.05 Spot Notes Took care of an Issue Where Conditions from Talismans Were Being Applied at a Greater Value than Stated. Repaired to Problem Where the Game Froze Or Collapsed Under Particular Edge Cases. Fixed a concern where some noises would certainly not play, or the timing would certainly be off (sound sync problem). This solution was already Promoted computer in version 1.0.3. Dealt with to Issue Where Lav aback would certainly occasionally Become Unresponsive Following Online Co-OP in Chapter 1. Taken care of to Problem Where the Restoration Work in Into would certainly not progress after playing on the internet co-op. Took care of an Issue Where Story Progress was some sometime not integrated with other gamers during online co-op. Repaired a problem where the story would certainly sometimes Become Difficult to Development Because Of the Failure to Obtain the Transforming Essence. Fixed to Problem Where the Tale Progress of Visitors Can Be reset Throughout online co-op. Fixed a problem where the condition expansion effect from the tigers the skill was not applied correctly. Took care of a Concern Where Full-Body Clover and Full-Body Slam with the Karakul Staff Could not be done with keyboard and also mouse. Took care of an Issue Where the Bows Piercing: Toy would certainly not Penetrate Kimono When the Skill Ephemeral Lightning Arrowhead was furnished. Dealt with a Concern Where the Celestial Support Karakul would not obtain repaired if it was destroyed by a kimono after another basic karakul was positioned on top of it. Dealt with an Issue Where some flying kimono would stagnate to one more area. Took care of a problem where the occasion scenes at the start of the Searching Song-Reverberations as well as Hunting Song-Rising Glissando Quests would in some cases Not Be Displayed Correctly During Co-OP. Dealt with to Issue Where Other Gamers Characters Were sometimes not displayed correctly in occasion scenes throughout on the internet co-op. Dealt with to Issue Where Amaterasu was some often shown in the into of visitors. When an occasion was set off while executing improve tsunami during online co-op, Fixed video camera concerns that took place.

  • Repaired to Concern that Triggered Certain Components of the Player Personality to Not Be Shown Properly Throughout Online Co-OP.
  • Dealt with a Concern Where the Visitors Screen would flicker during online co-op.
  • Repaired a Concern Where Healing Water Can not be obtained from some Wells of Ancient Trees in Fuyufusagi.
  • Taken care of an Issue that Triggered an Incorrect Variety Of Recovery Water to Be Presented After Being Revived During A Fight with Amaterasu in Into.
  • Repaired a BUH where the support from hunter vision did not function modification in particular situation.
  • Repaired to Issue that Caused a sluggish movement computer animation in Specific scenario.
  • Fixed a Problem Where the Number of Titan Kimono Hunted was not Counted for some guild of anglers tasks after various other gamers Carried out the final impact during co-op.
  • Took care of an Issue Where the Variety of Times A Weapon Type Has Be Used in your profile was Counted Even When Other Players Carried Out the Last Strike Throughout Play.
  • Repaired a Problem Where the Mission Target Kimono would certainly not show up throughout online co-op.
  • Took care of a Concern Where Amaterasu was some at some point not presented on the visitor display in the Hunting Song-Rising Glissando as well as Hunting Encore-Auspice of Into Quests Throughout Co-OP.
  • Fixed a Problem Throughout Online Co-OP Where a Fatality Notification for the host player would show up throughout the event scene after the loss of Amaterasu in Into.
  • Repaired a problem where the session would certainly in some cases be separated after starting the mission hunting song-rising glissando during on the internet co-op.
  • Repaired a Source Venture in Particular Problems.
  • Fixed to Concern Where Particular Operations would Create inaccurate saving information when filling save data. This repair was currently Pushed for computer in version 1.0.3.
  • [PC] Added the Choice to Disable Reflections in the Settings.
  • [PC] Fixed an issue where the claw blades claw dive would certainly not hit the enemy when the fps limit was readied to 30 in the setups.
  • [PlayStation/Xbox] When Graphics Concern was set to priority efficiency in the setups, fixed to Concern Where The Claw Blades Claw Plunge would not hit the enemy.

Equilibrium Modifications

  • Boosted the Defense Worth of Sunrise Princess Hairpin (Human-Path).

Added the Alternative to Disable Representations in the Setups. Dealt with an issue where the claw blades claw plunge would not hit the adversary when the fps limit was established to 30 in the setups. Dealt with to Concern Where The Claw Blades Claw Dive would not strike the enemy When Graphics Priority was established to concern performance in the setups.


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