Who is the Witness? Explained.

Destiny 2's DLC Nightfall has finally arrived, and evil is knocking on our door.


The witness, who recently revealed himself as the entity behind the dark in the Universe of Destiny, is making his movement on the traveler and the light, and depends on us to stop him. That said, you only know a little about this primary being. So today, let's talk who The Witness is in Destiny 2.

Destiny 2 The witness information

Image source: Bungee through As mentioned above, very little is known about The Witness and what are its objectives, but this is what we know so far. To begin with, The Witness intends to be the traveler's counterpart.

A being that plays light, while the other represents darkness. While we do not know the true goal of The Witness, as what he wants with the veil, we know that he is the being that essentially launched the hive. During the DLC Witch Queen, it was revealed that it influenced the Hive brothers, Marathon, Onyx and SIVU Wrath, to make deals with the Worm Gods, which serve The Witness, since initially it was supposed to be injured by the traveler with the light. This, in turn, began Hive's reign, and all the wars and battles we had with them were initially caused by The Witness. Together with one of his disciples, The Witness was also the cause of the first great collapse on Earth, which has been referred to dozens of times throughout the game years, although we did not know that The Witness was the one who caused it. First. Now, with the arrival of the DLC Nightfall, The Witness is moving towards the traveler along with the help of Emperor Calls, and depends on us trying to stop whatever his next set of plans. While it is doubtful that we can face to face with The Witness in this DLC, we have no doubt that more information about him will be revealed as we approach the DLC The Final Shape next year. That is all you need to know about who The Witness is in Destiny 2. Be sure to consult our most recent destiny 2 guides, for example, how to correct screen tear and more next. Related Posts How to get the exotic catalyst Quicksilver Storm in Destiny 2 Nightfall How to fix the screen tear in Destiny 2 What is the veil in Destiny 2: Nightfall? Explained Is Nightfall the end of Destiny 2? Answered How to get the exotic hunter helmet of the Cyrtarrachne facade in Destiny 2


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