What's New In The Dead Space Remake: Notes On Update 1.000.003

Update 1.000.003 is the very first update after the release of a highly appreciated and incredibly terrifying Dead Space remake. Although many players report that they spend the time in the game perfectly, some have problems that make it difficult to play. This update after launch is intended to correct any graphic problems that players faced, including the loss of construction of shaders and stuttering of the gameplay for players on a PC. Given that the Dead Space remake is a real original remake, do not expect any additions to the real story. However, the fact that this update does not affect the plot and the gameplay does not mean that the next update will not change this.

How great is the new update of the Dead Space remake?

The size of this update is 250 MB, and the size of the Dead Space installation is 32 GB. Since the update has already been launched, you will be invited to install it as soon as you open the game.

How do you update your game?

We have exactly described how to update your copy of Dead Space Remake on any platform on which you play: prefix 5 Select your copy of Dead Space Remake on the toolbar. Select the Options button. Select check the availability of updates.


  • Xbox Series X | S
    • Choose my games and applications from your dashboard.
  • Choose to manage.
  • Choose updates.
  • Select your copy of Dead Space Remake. If the game is already updated, it will not be here.
  • Steam
    • Click the right mouse button on your copy of Dead Space Remake.
  • Choose characteristics.
  • Choose updates.
  • Appendix EA
    • Click the right mouse button on your copy of Dead Space Remake from the EA application.
  • Select check the updates. To learn more about the Dead Space remake, check out the sections The best weapon in the Dead Space remake-all weapons, rank and How to correct the freezing of the Dead Space remake on the PC only in professional game guidelines.


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