Valentine's Day Celebration Event in BrownDust Story - From Neowiz (co-representative Kim Seung-cheol, Bae Tae-geun) on 13th Feb 2021


Neo wiz (co-representative Kim Seung-cheol, BAE Tae-hyun) announced on the 13th that the Brownout Story, developed by the company, will hold an event for Valentine's Day.

Events that offer a lot of rewards for the upcoming Valentine's Day will be held until March 14. First, depending on the number of games cumulative attendance, the Valentine Battery costume can be obtained on the 5th and 140 Satori Soul stone when attending seven consecutive days. In addition, various items such as ancient coins, soul tickets, and diamonds are provided depending on the cumulative access time. In addition to Satori, special costumes for Valentine Dewey and Valentine Malaysia have also been added.

At the same time, a 7-day mission will be held. The mission is automatically activated when connecting to the game.

If you complete the mission, such as duel play and two-star mercenary, you can get points, and you can collect them and exchange them with 100 Soul stones that can sign a contract with the legendary mercenary Angelica.

In addition, if you use the in-game swelling function, you will be able to obtain a solid slime and gift to obtain mercenaries and ties experience. In addition, system updates were also made, such as adjusting the balance of duel and some mercenaries.

For more information about the Brown Dust Story Special Mission and Valentine's Memorial Event, you can check the official site.


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