Up Your Game: Get The Victrix Procon BFG Customizable Wireless PS5 Pro Controller Now At Amazon

With the Victoria Proton BFG, a new cordless controller for the PlayStation 5 has likewise been released, which is also suitable with PS4 and PC. You can now buy the officially certified controller from the renowned producer PDP, which has already released some game pads for PS4 and Xbox at Amazon at a cost of EUR 179.99: PDP Victoria Proton BFG Controller for PS5 for EUR 179.99 at Amazon This is a pretty rod cash, but it is much more affordable than other Pro Controllers such as the Sony Dual Sense Edge, which is EUR 239.99, or the Racer Wolverine V2 Pro, which will be launched on February 23, who currently pre-ordered at prices from EUR 297 can be.

What does the Victoria Proton BFG provide?

Modular: The Victoria Proton BFG is a modular controller with interchangeable parts. This suggests that you can not just alter the sticks or change the plate-shaped D-pad with a supplied control cross. You can also have the d-pad and the stick swap the position on the left or get rid of the stick and buttons on the right and replace with 6 buttons with a likewise supplied Battle Pad module.


Trigger stops and additional buttons: On the back, the Victoria Proton BFG has four additional buttons that are freely programmable. Likewise on the back are the controllers for the trigger stops, which can be embedded in 5 stages. This allows you to reduce the paths of the trigger as desired and, for instance, press the trigger faster in shooters. Adjustable through the app: As it needs to be for a high-quality professional controller, the Victoria Proton BFG naturally likewise provides comprehensive setting choices via the app. In this you can, for example, convert buttons, set the sensitivity of the sticks or use the equalizer to optimize the noise of connected headsets. Suitable with PS5, PS4 and PC: The Victoria Proton BFG not just works with the PS5, but also with PS4 and PC. To be able to use it there, you just need to alter the little slider next to the left trigger and therefore alter the mode. You can likewise utilize the controller with cable television if you desire. PDP Victoria Proton BFG Controller for PS5 for EUR 179.99 at Amazon Some links constructed into this page are affiliate links. Depending upon the supplier, Gamer gets a small commission without an impact on the rate when buying on these links. More information.


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