The Last of Us: Two Episodes Released Early - Find Out Why

The 5th episode of The Last of the United States will be launched much earlier this week Appropriately, two episodes appear today instead of simply one.

The Last of Us: Two episodes appear this week.

Fans of the popular zombie drama series The Last of the United States can be particularly happy today. The reason: Because of the Super Bowl, the release of the next episode is pressed forward. The repercussions of The Last of the United States actually appear every Monday. Today, February 6, 2023, Episode 4 has been released. Episode 5 should actually go online in Germany next Monday. Considering that the Super Bowl takes location in the USA that day, you can see the new episode on Saturday-a complete 2 days before the actual release.


As normal, the episode will be released in the night from Friday to Saturday. In The Last of Us, Joel and Ellie follow their post-apocalypse overgrown with zombies. However, the series differs from well-known zombie representations and focuses in particular on the household relationship in between the 2 primary characters. The movie adaptation is based on the extremely well-known video game series, which is mainly influenced by the bestseller book The Roadway. The Road won the Pulitzer Prize in fiction in 2007. Whether book, video game or series-all 3 are recommended so far. Not yet searched in? Here is the trailer for The Last of the United States: The Last of Us: Authorities trailer You can just stream The Last of Us at the supplier WoW. The service becomes part of Sky with which you can register for all series or all series and movies from Sky. To name a few things, you can likewise see Home of the Dragon, Bliss and some quite new cinema releases on WoW (have an appearance at WoW). However, the entire thing has one disadvantage: After you saw the 5th episode on February 11th, you have to wait longer than a week. Due to the fact that of course the 6th episode only appears on Monday afterwards.


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