Pokémon Go Gets A Long-Awaited Feature: Trainers React To The Exciting Upgrade

In Pokémon Go, all coaches can finally anticipate a brand-new, practical feature, which has in fact been in the game for a few weeks. We at Mango show you what function and how the gamers react to it. Which feature is it about? In December 2022, Ni antic published a brand-new function for the product bag as part of the update 0.270.0 in Pokémon Go. The sorting must now be streamlined by a brand-new view. But not all trainers have up until now been able to use the brand-new function. Ni antic has lastly enhanced here. We reveal you what the new function appears like and how the trainers reacted to it.

Ni antic lastly activates the brand-new product function for everyone

Is the function active for everyone now? Yes! While some gamers have actually had the ability to enjoy the brand-new sorting in the past few weeks, other coaches still needed to scroll in their product bag forever to find the desired product. Now the function is lastly offered for all trainers. Ni antic announced on February 1st about her Twitter account: The product bag was upgraded for all trainers to enable the modification in between the existing design and a more compressed view in which the things are categorized in groups. By tapping the list/grid symbol on the leading right of the screen of the item bag, you can switch between the 2 views. And various coaches on socials media also verify that the brand-new radio tone is now finally offered from them. So also the Reddit user Mtdrunk247 (by means of reddit.com): I finally have the new item choice, can others verify that too? What was changed? Before the intro of the new feature around the item view, the coaches in the item bag waited for a long list, with no filter functions. When looking for an object that was just listed far below, this was particularly irritating. Now this view can lastly be altered by the trainers. Instead of the endless list, a grid view can now likewise be selected. In this, the items are summarized according to their respective classifications and the bag looks clearer. What does the new feature bring? The new function uses a genuine Quality of Life enhancement in the video game for the fitness instructors.

This not only affects the pure appearance of the product bag, however likewise leads to the coaches find their items much faster.


New Product feature creates interest amongst the coaches

In the previous couple of weeks, the new ITEMS function has actually triggered an excellent aggravation in the neighborhood. The factor for this was that the feature has actually not yet been used by all trainers. Numerous players hoped that it would lastly be available as part of the update 0.261.0, which was released on January 26th. Even more dissatisfied were some coaches that instead the focus was on other areas, as on a new catch feature. Now Ni antic has finally enhanced and thus ensures a great deal of interest in the community. All coaches can benefit from the brand-new product feature. So you can read the following in the Reddit comments: Director beneficial: Amongst the best upgrades you have actually done for a very long time, and that's sort of unfortunate. BAG440: Finally, which's a great modification, even if I actually do not understand why you have actually introduced the piece by piece. Tartans: Male, that's a lot better to navigate. Now we simply have to have the ability to organize the sections and tiles so that what we desire is at the top, and then it's ideal. It remains to be seen for the moment whether there will really be the opportunity to adjust the item bag separately. How do you like the new grid view in the product bag? Do you have had the ability to use the function in the previous couple of weeks or do you have to be patient for so long? Like Mango in the comments here and exchange ideas with other coaches. There will be a lot going on in Pokémon Go in the coming weeks. We reveal you all events in February and which are especially beneficial.


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