Part 2: Metroid Prime 2: Echoes Remastered - Revisit the Adventure of Samus AranPart 3: Metroid Prime 3: Corruption Remastered - A New Challenge Awaits Samus Aran

Contrary to earlier rumors that Nintendo ports the Metro id Prime Trilogy from the Wii to the Switch, there is just the first part as a remastered version. There is no trace of the 2 follows up, but that might still alter. According to the usually trustworthy insider Jeff Grubs, Metro id Prime 2 and Metro id Prime 3 should also appear for the existing Nintendo generation.

With the instant publication of Metro id Prime Remastered, Nintendo shocked recently. What about the successors Metro id Prime 2: Echoes and Metro id Prime 3: Corruption?

METRO ID Prime: Successor most likely not as comprehensive remastered variations

Grubs spoke in his program Video game Mess several months ago that Nintendo Metro id Prime was published as a remastered. That's how it took place, but the conclusion should not be set. Metro id Prime 2: Echoes and Metro id Prime 3: Corruption needs to still appear as separate releases for the switch, although not in the design of the Metro id Prime Remastered.

According to Grubs, the two successors are less thoroughly modified and just offer brand-new control alternatives. The Giant bomb editor now confirmed this over eight-month-old statements again via Twitter:

Of course, it stays to be seen whether Grubs is proper again.

So far, Nintendo has not talked about the followers.


That does not have to suggest anything, because after all, the Japanese company likewise kept tight at Metro id Prime Remastered and ended up with the corresponding acts.

trilogy as preparation for Metro id Prime 4

If Metro id Prime 2 and Metro id Prime 3 actually still appear for the Change, the question naturally occurs: When? It is rather possible that Nintendo will still use the rest of the year 2023 to slowly bring the Metro id Prime trilogy to the Nintendo Switch. This would likewise create preparation for Metro id Prime 4, which has remained in advancement for numerous years.

In 2017, Nintendo announced the fourth series part during the E3 at that time. Only 2 years later on it was announced that the development at the retro studios was restarted. Because then, nevertheless, there has actually been absolute silence with regard to Metro id Prime 4 and its present level of development.


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