Marvel Snap Deck: Taking Me to Infinity with My Eyes Closed - Modifying My Deck for This Season

Although we already had a ration in Model a few days ago with his arrival at Marvel Snap, the games of recent days have made me modify my main deck for this Marvel Snap season until we reach what you have below.


Needless to say, the joys are being huge and, although there are games in which the robbery plays a bad pass, and it is time to surrender before the cubes begin to climb, the ratio of victories in front of the defeats have made it one of my Preferred Marvel Snap decks.

The Marvel Snap deck with which I am going to get to infinity

As we commented a few days ago, Model is a difficult letter to play if it is not accompanied by the right companions. Following the same strategy as in our previous deck, here we will try to take advantage of your ability to rule out our entire hand when revealing. As we have already done, its two main dance companions will be Möbius, to win +2 of power for each discarded letter, and Mystique, which will copy the continuous power of Möbius to close the game with two chetadísimal letters if we have managed to launch model with the Hand practically full. But, let us start at the beginning. We will review our first steps. In the first three shifts, in the event that we do not have the skull trio already in the hand, the ideal situation would leave us to Sunspot to add points from the first moment and close that location with Adam Warlock and Ebony Maw. The idea is that the sum of the three allows us to continue stealing letters until we reach the key we need to win, but that location will not be our winning condition.

That hole will be left to Möbius in one of them and Mystique in the remaining. From here everything is limited to playing with what is always trying to keep your hand as close as possible. Adam Warlock helps, but Mongers even more, and if we also have a table at table the combo can be brutal. Those last are, in fact, the letters that we will have to throw if we have not managed to steal Möbius or Model in time, but always with great care because filling our hand will also mean not stealing new letters. Go an eye there. The important thing is that the great protagonists are played when in turn 5 we launch as a whole hand. In the best case, the Helicarrier will also be charged, giving us three other cards for the final shift, and Apocalypse to check it. If you manage to play it in a double location, prepare to see how you finish bursting everything you just steal and upload a handful of more points to Apocalypse. If you have also managed to duplicate both cards, you will have a very Che tad Möbius that will remain to frame and put a loop. Dracula will serve to add the points of Apocalypse or what you have stolen from the Helicarrier in the case of Model has arrived too late. But keep in mind that the three of the Shield freighter can contain any type of letter, so prepare for some scare if you have not managed to check Möbius enough.

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