How to Disarm an Ashwinder Before a Lightning Spell in Hogwarts Legacy

You will meet many enemies while you are on your way through Hogwarts Legacy, but as always is the case, there are difficulty levels. In some cases, it is about observation and anticipation. Such is the case of our next guide, which deals with a particularly formidable enemy. We are here to break how to disarm an Ash winder before launching its ray spell at Hogwarts Legacy.

How to disassemble a pre-lightning Ash winder?

Answered In order to disarm an Ash winder before they throw their lightning spell in Hogwarts legacy you will have to launch a former name of his own spell. The key is to wait until they begin to stir your wand. While preparing to launch the spell, a flash of light will appear at the tip of its wand; That's when you hit them with the excess spell. Buy it well and will be unarmed before you hit you. In general, those who release a spell shout their name before doing so.


In this case, the lightning spell has no name, therefore, its indicator is the flickering of white light.

Learn Excess at Hogwarts Legacy, explained

Image source: WB games through To disassemble an enemy using the former name expelliarmusprimero you have to learn it by completing task 2 of the relatively early earned teacher in the game. After that, you can disarm the enemies at will. That is all you need to know how to disarm an Ash winder before launching its ray spell at Hogwarts Legacy. If you are looking for more guides and tips for your Hogwarts experience to be pleasant, be sure to consult everything DLPRIVATOSERver has to offer in the various links below. Related Posts How to slow down a poaching hunter after his explosive attack at Hogwarts Legacy How to launch an enemy on fire against another enemy with repulse at Hogwarts Legacy How to turn a Dug bog while waiting to use your furtive attack on Hogwarts Legacy How to interrupt a mestizo who carries with repulse at Hogwarts Legacy How to catch and launch an unarmed weapon in Hogwarts Legacy


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