Good News for Dead Island 2 Fans: Release Date Brought Forward - Jedi Survivor is Now Dodging

After years of problem about Dead Island 2's publication date, there are some great news for all zombie-kiln fans out there-Deep Silver has actually just revealed that it will be released earlier than expected. Yes, we understand that Dead Island 2 is still technically numerous years late, but the last main release date of Dead Island 2, April 28th, has now been drawn by a week, so that they are now playing the game on April 21st can instead. An entry on the Dead Island website says that Deep Silver and the designer Dam buster Studios are definitely enthusiastic and totally relieved to reveal that the video game has become gold. The date of the date not just suggests that there will be trust that it will appear in a decent state, however that Deep Silver might likewise be concerned that it could hit another of the fantastic publications of 2023, Star Wars Jedi Survivor.


The video game must come onto the market in March, but in order to attain the quality beaten and to provide the level of polish that the fans deserve, EA and respawn announced that the release date of Star Wars Survivor would be held off by six weeks.

This hold-up implied that it was launched on the same day as Dead Island 2-this was up until today's statement by Deep Silver. Given that the list of upcoming PS5 video games from 2023 and the upcoming Xbox Series X games are impressive thanks to a number of top-class delays last year, it will be important for publisher to prevent accidents with publication dates this year.


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