Find the Best Base Location in Sons of the Forest

After a forced landing on a desert island in Sons of the Forest, you will have many options in where to build your base. However, not all locations are built in the same way and, in fact, here in we believe that we have found the best base location in Sons of the Forests that puts the belt while we spill the beans on our small island inside the island.

Location of the Best Sons of the Forest base

Image source: end night through While there are definitely many first level locations to build its base, there is one that stands out from the rest: the mini island that is within a lake situation northwest of the island.


It is covered with bushes and trees when you arrive, and there are a couple of coffins to which you can loot some basic materials. Clear all this, then you will have enough space to build a fairly large base, as you can see in the image above. So what makes this area so good? Well, the main concern with any base is its vulnerability to attacks, and that is a problem that is resolved by building on an island. In case you did not know, the mutants cannot swim and, in fact, the water that falls kills them instantly. The only exception to this rule is when winter arrives and the lake freezes; You will need to build some fortifications to protect you during this time. Now, I could be thinking that building on an island would make construction a true discomfort.

After all, how would the many trunks and materials necessary to make a base be transported? Well, do not fear, since Sons of the Forest has some really great features that exceed this problem. First, you should know that when throwing trunks into the water, they will bounce towards the place where they throw them, so even transporting trunks is not too tedious. But it becomes a lot, much easier once you find the Rope Gun, which can be used not only as a great zip line to transport your character from the continent to the base, but also the trunks themselves! Simply load the throat with a trunk and shoot at the base. To bring things to the next level, you can even build a stash of trunks under the zip line to collect them. Our advice is to have Kelvin constantly cutting trees and gathering materials on the continent while staying pleasant and safe on the island building your base. This map area is conveniently located near forests, rivers, the coast and a lot of caves and points of interest. Basically, you can find infinite food in the lake in the form of fish, and there are also squirrels, squirrels and other creatures that you can also raise. That is done by our overview of the best base location in Sons of the Forest. You can find more useful tips and tricks on the game searching in or navigating the related content detailed below. Related Posts What are purple markers in Sons of the Forest? Answered How to get out of the cave of the blade in Sons of the Forest How to get the tuxedo in Sons of the Forest How to get a golden armor in Sons of the Forest How to make friends with Virginia, the 3-legged woman in Sons of the Forest


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