Explore New Opportunities with Additional Jobs for Characters in Octopath Traveler 2

Although the personalities in Sociopath Traveler 2 have a fixed task, you will have the chance to assign it in the future. In the areas in between cities (typically between the destination points 2 and 3) you will certainly discover guild participants who will offer you a license to work. There are eight main professions as well as four hidden (inventor, magician, organist as well as gunsmith). In this guide, we will certainly speak about the very best second help each personality in Sociopath Tourist 2

The very best professions for all characters in Sociopath Tourist 2.

Prior to we tell you something, you should recognize that, although the characters can do just one work at once, they will unlock all support abilities. You can outfit only five of them at the very same time, so you can quit unlocking the skills for professions for which you received the sought-out assistance ability. Therefore, although that for each personality there is an ideal secondary job, we will also provide all various other professions whose passive abilities can be valuable for their main course as well as features. The complete additional work of the character will certainly also include values to specific features, which for some can end up being an obstacle. In enhancement, we must say this right currently: the optimum JP intake for conjurer on all your characters. He has both a supporting ability skiver, which halves the consumption of SP and also BP regrowth, which offers a 25% opportunity that BP will not be invested when used. Table of components 1 The most effective part-time work for Hikaru 2 The very best part-time jobs for Oswald 3 The very best additional jobs for the throne 4 The finest part-time tasks for Agnes 5 The most effective part-time tasks for Outlet 6 The ideal part-time tasks for Teens 7 The most effective part-time tasks for Partition 8 The ideal part-time tasks for CAST TI

Ideal part-time work for Hikaru

  • The finest part-time jobs: hunter or merchant (early game), gunsmith
  • Professions, passive skills of which you will need: warrior, magician, sorcerer. Hikaru is just one of the very few team participants without problems, that makes him the very best personality in Sociopath Tourist 2-at the very least in our point of view. Because of this, for him there really is no better extra job. While it is covered by a type of tool that a warrior does not have, he can use it. In a late video game, he can become your gunsmith as well as bring upon a crushing damages to the enemy.

The most effective part-time jobs for Oswald

  • The ideal part-time work: dancer or cleric (early game), organist
  • Professions, the passive abilities of which you will certainly need: a warrior, a magician, a sorcerer, a gunsmith. Oswald-hikari of spontaneous strikes. As a result of his Elem. ATK.-Story data are hard to turn it right into something other than the magician of your group. You can offer him any kind of added collaborate with the spell, to which the scientist has no gain access to, for light, wind and example. Take the optimum JP usage for a warrior to open the damages' limitation of 9999. With the lovers of the Oswald strike, they will certainly later come to be as well effective to be limited.

Best second jobs for the throne

  • Ideal part-time work: cleric, seeker
  • Professions, passive skills of which you will certainly need: a warrior (for surprise power plus), a magician The attack of the throne merits, so numerous of you can favor a seeker or warrior to her. Nonetheless, its most advantage is its rate as well as hidden power. We like cleric since of this. Clerics Revive will certainly reanimate a team with only one HP. If you make use of the surprise toughness of the tone and then make use of the healing of the wounds, they will certainly stand on their feet again and will certainly be much from direct threat. We are not going to deny the stability of the mix of the thief/hunter for the lead character of Rebuffs. If you desire to make it a lot more hostile, you can make the throne with your complementary warrior. Often individuals just favor to see how their cherished lady places her ass!

The most effective part-time work for Agnes

  • The Finest part-time work: vendor, researcher
  • Professions, the passive skills of which you will require: a warrior (for a covert power plus), burglar, scientist, magician, sorcerer. Anna's rate is inferior just to the throne. We enjoy the seller on it, so it can conveniently transmit BP prior to the beginning. Because Anna is only one of 3 people that are qualified illusionists (its fundamental characteristic of the component. The attack is just a couple of factors reduced than that of the Teens), it can likewise be a complementary illusionist of your team.


Best part-time tasks for growl

  • Best part-time work: warrior, gunsmith
  • Professions, the passive abilities of which you will certainly require: a warrior, dancer, illusionist, gunsmith.

The very best method to bet howl is to totally make use of the fact that she has the greatest fundamental physics. ATK. And an important particular in the group. If Hikaru can not find out abilities, it would be the main physical website traffic authorities for everyone. Naturally, a warrior is the only second occupation that can sustain this design of play based upon the assault. Later it can become your gunsmith. Do not neglect to take full advantage of the amount of JP for a warrior in order to unlock the damage limitation of 9999 units.

The finest part-time tasks for Teens

  • The most effective part-time tasks: a hunter, warrior or any various other profession with multipurpose weapons, magician
  • Professions, the passive abilities of which you will certainly need: a warrior (for a covert power plus), a burglar, a magician. We understand that people like to construct a Teens as a second scientist-and you can. But did you see the concealed power of this person? This allows him to damage the opponent's shield with any assault, no matter what assaulting ability he uses. If you use among the lots of abilities of multiage at a hunter or warrior, when it is triggered, Teens can promptly break in charge shields. This is rather scary.

The best part-time work for Partition

  • The Finest part-time jobs: cleric, illusionist
  • Professions, the passive abilities of which you will require: a warrior (for a surprise power plus), a developer, a magician, a gunsmith. As a long-term vendor, patio will certainly constantly have a vacation with him. This suggests that if SP ends with him, he can recover them making use of Boosted Relax. Because of its standard features or raise the attributes provided by the Merchant class-has one of the greatest protective builds in the group, partitio-whether. If he is your cleric, he will certainly be your immortal guardian angel forever. The primary duty of the merchant is to create and also send BP, so we do not actually like to construct Partition as well body. Hikaru, wail and even the throne are better fit for these roles.

The best part-time work for CAST TI

  • The Finest part-time task: dancer
  • Professions, passive abilities of which you will need: a warrior (for concealed power plus), an illusionist The biggest Cassia asset is its decoction. You will rarely rely upon its major or additional job skills to do anything until you require healing or cure as a last resort.

Nonetheless, at the steps, when she does not need to do anything, you can make use of a number of abilities of the dancer to support the team. And also the last remark: keep in mind that these best secondary classes are not utilized in every fight, particularly in the late game. You will need to establish your own method for them. In addition, there are a great deal of means to gather these 8 people. The presumed settings up should conduct you with many of the Sociopath Tourist 2 web content if you are simply in it for history. To receive additional aid on Sociopath Vacationer 2, reviewed the areas How to enhance the burglary of theft in Sociopath Tourist 2 as well as Exactly how to defeat Sociopath Tourist 2 below, in the game guidebooks for experts.


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