Discover the Magic of Hogwarts Legacy: Uncover the Pre-Au-Lalard Pages!

150 in the game, Regalia's pages are not necessary in Hogwarts Legacy. They enable a couple of cosmetic elements and history components, but absolutely nothing that affects the gameplay. Nevertheless, they are important to finish the sorcerer's guide. Part of these pages of Regalia can be found in Pré-au-Lar, even if some need particular spells to be found.

List and location of pre-au-laz


Finally from the town, right before the bridge.

Captivated staircase

When entering the volume and parchment shop, near the left shelves.

Meriden's precarious cauldrons

At the level of the cauldron battery in front of the volume and scroll shop.

In the slowness of the Hollander store.

The 3 brooms

At the bottom of the Tavern the 3 brooms, at the level of the fireplace.

Private room for three brooms

On the leading flooring of the Tavern the 3 brooms, needs Alhambra.

Berber Tonne aux

On the outer part of the Tavern the three brooms, opposite the Onto shop.

Calais sport short articles

Upon entering the Calais Sports Articles shop, near the design on the left. Requires to be completed the mission for flight lessons.

Onto pranks and catch stores

In the sluggishness of the Onto shop, opposite the bièrauberauraa barrels.

Shoot soap

From the main sluggishness of the Onto shop, on the left lea tog.


Go up the Onto store to discover the bombards near the Reader.

Water wells

The well is behind the Onto store.


In the sluggishness of the Chiffon store.

Chiffon design

In the Chiffon store, to the right of Entree.


In the Dervish and Bangles store, to the right of Chiffon, to the right after getting in.


Hen gist from Woodcraft

In the center of the Location de Pré-au-lalard, in front of the big tree.


In the slowness of the Honeybees store.


Simply before going down the stairs to the Honey dukes store on the.

Explosive sweets

A lower leather of the Honeybees shop, near the statue of Differ.

Scribenpenne cats

A length of the Scribenpenne store, opposite the Lenore.

Tea shop decorations

In the Steeply and Sons shop, on the left of the counter.

Magic mail

A lens of the pre-au-la-la-la-la-place post office, situated on the Grand Place.

Pique & peck

In the Pique & Peck shop, to the right of the counter. Requires to be completed the missions courses on magic creatures and left, the capture bag and the loom.

Pippin potions

In the Pippin Potions shop, behind the seller.

Pre-au-lard public garden

From the Pippin Pips shop, take the way to the Hollander shop. At the level of stone stairs, take the gate to find the page.

blank head

Behind the lot of the wild boar head, at the server level.

Quiet de la Pete de bungler

Behind the boar head bar on the wooden pontoon.

Magic turnip cart

At the level of the seller of the magic turnip, in front of his cart.

Deserted boutique

In the sluggishness of the abandoned store, a building situated northwest of the city called Le Good For.

Diamante tree and quack grass

A length of the Granite and Shaken shop, ahead of Large.


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