99): Matthias' Thoughts on the Trailer - June 2019

Of course, I was also happy about the new trailer for The Legend of Zelda: Tears of the Kingdom (from EUR 69.98 when ordering). Because the announcement in June 2019-that was before pandemic! - There were simply six meager minutes on trailer product for the video game. And if you still calculate black aperture, logos, the ACNUSA appearance and visit overlays-then very couple of real views of the Breath of the Wild successor actually remain. And the other day there was just diving into the long-awaited Tears of the Kingdom in the Nintendo Direct episode. And yet I'm not delighted with it. Why?

The 5 weeks in the 2023 game year were full of highlights, however a great deal of it hurried past Switch players. In addition to the strong Fire Emblem Engage-please go here for our test-Nintendo disciples at the other release highlights only remained a jealous look from a distance: the spectacular Dead Area remake, our January top score Season: A Letter to the Future, The action surprise Hi-fi Rush and likewise Squares major project forsaken is not available for the switch. Plus: The current Blockbuster Hogwarts Legacy only flies to the Nintendo console in July. In the next few weeks, PlayStation VR2, Business of Heroes 3 or Atomic Heart will not just be on our video game website. In addition to the undoubtedly enforcing Shadow stop by Metro id Prime Remastered, you might have driven a strong counterattack when Nintendo might just have actually been knocked out of the new Zelda for 15 or 20 minutes. We players had actually discussed this, that might have increased the desire for the left new journey into countless ones.


Anyone who understands the big n and the method Japanese AAA studios knows that this video game is practically ended up three months prior to the release. You could have revealed scenes that represent the final product really well. I make sure.

hazard instead of expedition?

How do you see that: were you satisfied with the trailer, or would you like to have seen more of the real gameplay? Are you eagerly anticipating the difficulty, or would you have preferred to have seen more healed Rule world?

Well, then we simply work with what is revealed. Here, too, fan can spew and interpret all sorts of exciting things: the short scenes with the fantasy car and the air cushion-like glider, the struggle with the obstructed colossus, the physics and telekineses plays, the escape from the Cyclops old train tracks. Then my hand literally shrugs to the Pro controller, so I want to start playing right away when I see it. Guy, how I am anticipating investigating and checking out, climbing up and flying, learning more about the flying islands and naturally the history that Link and Zelda will experience this time.

What I am not looking forward to is the hazard in the trailer. Naturally, I comprehend that you wish to demonstrate how big left-wing job is and under which 'difficult conditions our hero obstacles fate this time-but these photos honestly also activate a bit of pain in me.

Since they put the hazard, tension, the efforts to the. Of course, some tricky fights, res pawing enemies and dangerously red sparkling satanic force modem part of Tears of the Kingdom will be-but these demanding and primarily not so high quality aspects will ideally not dominate the whole video gaming experience? Incidentally, the audible words also matched the state of mind in the trailer: a dark guy's voice (possibly Canon) roars Kill everyone and everyone!, A female (determines Zelda) grumbles Link, he is so powerful-even you can't beat him!

Possibly I'm too much or too delicate on an unwound open-world customer, however I would have approved a bit more well-being environment in the trailer. A take a look at drowsy villages, the wildlife, on stunning mountain slopes and interesting caverns. These lots of monster mill, the red glowing moon, the entire demon energy-all of this has all of this on demanding Zelda things like the time limitation in Major's mask (which I still appreciate extremely), on the fighting weak DLC of Breath of the Wild and to recuperating opponents Reminds that stop me from relaxing.


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