When Did Aki Get The Cursed Sword In Chainsaw Man Answered

Of the many public security demons in the anime and manga Chainsaw Man, AKA is easily one of the strongest. This is due to the fact that the devils regularly make favorable contracts with him, giving him the means to fight even against the strongest devils on equal terms. One in particular only gives him an absurdly dominated ability, and if you are like many fans, he let you ask you: when did Aka get the damn sword in Chainsaw Man ?? We had the same question and, after investigating a little, we have an answer for you.


How did Aka get the damn sword of the devil in Chainsaw Man?

Explained While it never explicitly indicates when Aka obtained the damn sword of the devil in Chainsaw Man, it is quite clear that Aka obtained it after joining Public Safety Devil Hunters. Being a working group backed by the Government, Public Security can hire any devil that aligns with said government. This is how Aka established his contract with Fox Devil and was able to get the ability to invoke his head in combat. With this in mind, it is incredibly likely that you have also made a contract with Curse Devil at this time and has ensured to have another option that could be resorted when you fight against devils or incredibly powerful faithful.

What was the contract that Aka made with the cursed devil?

However, the contract he made with Curse Devil to get his sword is easily the most expensive he does with any devil in the Chainsaw Man series. While the use of the cursed sword instantly kills everything that stabs three times, this has the cost of years of Aka's life. Not only that, but using the ability to instantly kill Curse Devil takes a substantial amount of time in Aka's life, which means that you can only use power once or two times. That is why he only has two years of life after using the cursed sword in Katina Man and why he is forced to find other demons to make contracts in order to remain useful for public security demons hunters.

How many more times can Aka use the damn sword of the devil in Chainsaw Man?

Similarly, this explains why Akin ever uses Curse Devil Sword again after his first battle with Katina Man. With only two years of life, Aka no longer has enough life to fulfill his contract with Curse Devil. Even if he tried to use his sword, it is almost certain that he would die after stabbing his enemy once or twice, with the cursed devil draining the little life he has left. Hopefully this is clarified how Aka got the cursed sword in Chainsaw Man. To get more information about the program, we have explanatory guides on topics such as what Devil Contracts Kristine has, why Benji and Power used glasses and who is the future devil. There are also a lot of other articles related to the series we have written, which you can read below. Related Posts Why is Gun Devil so powerful in Chainsaw Man? Explained 5 current sleeves that could become the next Chainsaw Man Who visited Aka at the hospital at Chainsaw Man? Answered What diabolical contracts does Kristine have in Chainsaw Man? Answered Why Benji and Power used glasses in Chainsaw Man? Answered


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