What happens when you do not have smuggled weapons in a demilitarized zone?

In Call of Duty War zone 2 DMZ, players use various weapons, exploring Asmara. Before standing in line for the match, players choose to smuggle weapons from the assortment of equipment. However, players can lose all smuggling weapons from their inventory, which they should be avoided. Here's what to do if you do not have smuggled weapons in a demilitarized zone.

How to get more smuggling weapons in War zone 2 DMZ

In War zone 2 DMZ, players may find themselves in a situation where there is no weapon in their cache with smuggling. In fact, you appear in the match without any weapon, but you will always have tactical and deadly equipment. If you have a grenade or a drill, use deadly equipment to destroy the enemies of AI and take their weapons. In addition, you can wait until the teammates eliminate several AI fighters and take weapons from the bots. To get more smuggled weapons in War zone 2 DMZ, players need to destroy the fighters of the VIA to successfully extract from their guns.

Bots in a demilitarized zone usually have such weapons as RPK, Vasnev-9K and Casters-74U, which are effective at near and medium distances. Evacuate with this weapon to get more weapons in your cache with smuggling. Smuggling weapons can also be destroyed, which means that you can remove weapons with fewer nozzles in order to explicit with new weapons, which has the best equipment. Communication with their teammates is key, and you can ask them to throw their weapons after appearing without weapons in the demilitarized z1. Players can also check various hiding backs with prey and open closed areas with keys to quickly find weapons.


At the beginning of the DMZ match, players can choose from various smuggling weapons in their inventory, as well as from insured slots for weapons. Unlike smuggled weapons, insured weapons can be equipped with various nozzles from the gunsmith section. We recommend that you build a class M4 or Pastor 762, which is suitable for medium and distant distances in a demilitarized z1. Players can have up to 20 units of smuggled weapons in the inventory. If your operator dies while running in a demilitarized zone, he loses all objects in a backpack, including smuggling weapons that he wore. The insured weapon is also blocked if your operator does not leave the match.

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