The best weapon Darktide

There are four classes in Warhammer 40k Dark tide. Each class specializes in a different battle style and is equipped with a separate set of weapons.

Knowing what weapons are suitable for the style of a game of a certain class is an important aspect of the game, since it depends on this how the class will survive in battle with enemies.

In this leadership, we gave the best weapon for each class in Warhammer 40k Dark tide.

Best weapon of Organs

Grin is the most tank class in Warhammer 40k. Being one of the most difficult classes in the game, he specializes in a unique set of weapons.

The main feature that distinguishes them from the rest of the classes is that the weapons to which they own cannot be equipped with any other class, which makes the class of Organs very peculiar in nature.

The main weapon

combat hammer ROK Mk II and plate shield Mk III

Slab Shield and Battle Maul may not be your typical main weapon causing damage, but control over the crowd of power attacks that they possess is certified.

In addition, the specialty will allow you to tank everything that meets on your way. This makes them the best choice for the Grin weapons of near-fight, and they can be unlocked at 11.

Additional weapons

The gun-REND MK II

This Ripper Gun is an absolute murder when it comes to murders from two shots at Warhammer 40 Dark tide. Foe-rend MK II Ripper Gun is a heavy automatic shotgun capable of knocking off the armored enemies with a minimum number of ammunition used. You will unlock this weapon at 3.

The best weapon of fanatics

The Zealot class is mainly focused on attacks in close combat. Their abilities help them survive longer in battles with a group of enemies.

This class will face with its opponents, and with the help of a jerk that they own, they will reduce the gap between their goals and cause critical damage.

The main weapon

Thunder Hammer Cruces Mk II

Cruces Mk II Thunder Hammer is a purely forceful weapon. Basically, you will use this hammer for close combat to crush the bones of your enemies.

This weapon provides an additional 8% damage from a critical blow in close combat, and its tireless heavy attack allows you to break any armor, who is worn against you in battle. You will unlock this thunderous hammer at 25.

Additional weapons

Artemis Mk III cleansing flamethrower

Flames have always been a cult figure in the Warhammer series. Using them, Pilot will cause great damage to his enemy. The most pleasant thing in this weapon is that it does not have an overheating function.

This means that you can use it as much as you want, and continue the series of murders with 15% damage infected enemies. You will unlock this weapon at 13.

Best Parker weapon

Piker is the most intellectual class in Warhammer 40k Dark tide. They have psychic abilities, and sometimes they are called witches because of their witchcraft. Their main source of force proceeds from the kingdom known as Immaterial.

The main weapon

duel sword McCain Mk IV

The duel sword of McCain Mk IV is one of the lightest swords in Warhammer, which gives the fleet commanders and free merchants the advantage over their opponents during close combat.

This sword is very mobile and has a high damage and dexterity speed. You will unlock the duel sword McCain Mk IV to level 10.

Additional weapons

Equinox Mk IV Void strike Force Staff

Although this Force Staff has no big damage, it can still be very useful in difficult situations. Using his focused channeling, you can perform your secondary attack without any breaks. In addition, it gives you an additional 6% damage in weak places. You will unlock this staff at 15.

Best Veteran Weapon

Veterans are the most respected class in Warhammer 40k Dark tide. They are trained specifically for long-range battle and will do everything possible to protect the honor of the Imperium from enemies, which makes them an elite class, which can resist other elites and special fighters.

The main weapon

assault chain sword Nadia Mk IV

The assault chain sword Nadia Mk IV is a symbol of power given to the sergeants of the detachment. It applies an additional 10% damage to armored enemies in the shell and consists of an additional 10% of the block efficiency.

Using its capacity Rev It Up, you will receive an additional 10% to the speed of movement for 2 seconds with special activation of the weapon. This weapon opens at 10 for the veteran class.

Additional weapons

Plasma gun M35 Mangalore Mk II

The plasma gun M35 Mangalore MK II has a large store, sniper potential and rate of fire.

Using this plasma pistol, you will receive an additional 4% chance to deliver a critical blow in a long battle.


In addition, you will receive a 3% chance of a critical blow using it Gets Hot! Ability. This weapon opens for a veteran at 16.


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