Riot's failed project that changed the story of LOL and complicates the expected Yuumi Rework

Although no one likes to make a mistake, some of the best lessons we can learn to come from mistakes. Throughout the existence of League of Legends, Riot Games had to learn to manage and balance its MOB, making changes and updates to which many have not worked. Even today, the developer emaces risks under the pretext that the game can always receive a new patch to correct something. However, in addition to more serious and difficult to correct bugs, Matrix's Rework ought valuable lessons to the company, but also prevents it from making decisions that would certainly please the community, no matter how controversial it seems.

The infamous Rework from Matrix

Originally released in 2013, Matrix was a community-loved champion, especially in his early years, when he became a very interesting option at the top and jungle, being able to face the most fearsome Melee fighters. However, it was very difficult to balance him, and Riot thought he also thought he was moving away from his initial theme. In this way, a Rework was announced.


Many celeated the news because they wanted improvements that made Matrix adapt to LOL's new times as the game was more modern. When a champion receives a complete update, some or even all their skills are expected to be modified, but this will be done so that they maintain some characteristics of the previous version. However, this promise was not fulfilled in the Rework of Matrix, and he was no longer a champion focused on self-attacks to becoming a character who almost completely depended on his skills. The Rework still kept a passive from the previous version, but quickly disappeared. Radical changes had already been made by Riot on other occasions, but only with characters who barely had players like Sion or Argot. In Matrix's case the update looked like a betrayal to the doll fans, who saw his favorite champion, who didn't even cause so many problems, disappear overnight.

Some time later, the developers Reav3 stated that the major changes in Matrix were motivated by the intention of making him more interesting to the community as a whole, rather than satisfying the group of players who already liked him. As this thought failed, Reav3 revealed a new kind of idea about the Reworks: When we updated a champion, we are playing something that no longer belongs to us. He is a hero beloved by millions of players around the world, and we want to be sure, above all, that we will do the right things with them.

How can Matrix Rework affect the current lol?

You may be wondering how this riot error relates to today's lol. The truth is that we have seen many of its consequences on countless occasions. For example, in Dr. Munro and UDR, the community was informed of the changes in these champions before Riot make them definitive so that the players of these characters could offer feedback on them. However, the effects are not always positive. Riot recently revealed something that pleased most of the community, a Rework for Yuri, the most hated champion of all the lol. Even though she is a candidate for major transformations in the form of new mechanics and energy cuts, the developers have ensured that she will remain a witch who can connect with an allay champion and remain unreachable. They will do their best to make her a better champion, but without disappointing the cat's fans, although many would like the character to lose her main feature. According to Riot the initial goal is to limit its offensive damage/power with CG, emphasize its defensive/charming potential, reduce the climbing and make it more dependent on its own success on the route to win the matches. We will have more news about This in the future, but for now, we thank you for your patience while we work at Yuri.


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