Overwatch Season 2: All The Details

Overwatch 2 season 2 began on December 6 and, unlike how it worked in OW2 season 1, the dates of the main events and actions have already been announced by Blizzard. With that in mind, MGG azil has gathered all the important news such as Twitch Drops, and events: Frozen Paradise, The Battle for Olympus and the Lunar New Year. Mark on your schedule, because season 2 is not for a joke!

All important dates of Overwatch 2 Season 2

The second season of Overwatch 2 is full of holiday events: like frozen paradise and the Lunar New Year. For you who miss nothing, here is a summary of all the important dates. Of course, to ensure that you enjoy each event in time, we will not fail to make individual articles informing about the arrival of the contents that will be mentioned below.


Drops from Season 2 Twitch Overwatch 2

So far, three Twitch drops have been confirmed by Blizzard, one has begun (and it's almost over), while the other two will start later, with Frozen Paradise events and Lunar New Year. Twitch Drops Mantra Monk Peregrine: December 6-20, 2022 Twitch Drops Frozen Paradise: December 25 to January 4, 2023 Twitch Drops Lunar New Year: January 11 to 25, 2023

Frozen Paradise 2022 in Overwatch 2

For this holiday season, the frozen paradise will be back with its traditional game modes: snowball offensive, Yeti hunting and defrost elimination. Challenges will be implemented to replace the loot boxes that were given in the first overwatch. A new epic look is available: igitte Ice Queen, as well as new weapon amulets. Frozen Paradise 2022: From December 13 to January 4

Overwatch 2, Greek mythology and Battle for Olympus

The overall theme of Overwatch 2 Season 2 was planned as a limited time event for players. It has not yet been confirmed whether it will be a simple game mode or a single editing event. Blizzard's official statement states that: These heroes and many others will be imbued with sacred powers in the new Battle mode for Olympus. Keep an eye on the visuals that will arrive this season. They can give a tip of what will roll in the battle for Olympus !. The Battle for Olympus: January 5-19, 2023 The main reward of the Premium Battle Pass of Overwatch 2 Season 2 is Skin mythical Queen Junker Zeus, while Mantra Poseidon and Pharaoh Hades can be purchased when progressing on the pass. The legendary look Mercy Vitória Alana will be made available through goals that the developer has not yet released.

New Year Lunar 2023 in Overwatch 2

Last (but not least) to finish OW2 Season 2 in style, the Lunar New Year passes the rabbit year. The traditional arcade game modes capture the flag and reward hunter must be back with a series of challenges to get the legendary Echo Karachi.

  • New Year Lunar: Rabbit Year: January 17 to Feuary 6

When the second season of Overwatch 2 ends?

The second season of Overwatch 2 is expected to end with the end of the Lunar New Year event after Feuary 6. But this is information that has not yet been confirmed by Blizzard-being only speculation taking into account the duration of the first season (approximately nine weeks). MGG azil will update this article if new information comes up.


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