Lol: Jankos makes its particular Tierlist and predicts the three best LEC teams for 2023

With the LEC already filtered signing market and in the absence of all the teams of the maximum competition of EMEA de League of Legends confirm their alignments, it is time to do the classic tender list in which both journalists, as insiders and even own players From the competition they get wet to give their opinion of how this competition will go and what the rivals to beat in this 2023 will be.

One of them is Janos, the current jungle of Team Heretics. The Polish is doing many direct on his Twitch channel in recent weeks, and as you know, the former g2 esports player gets wet in each one of the chat questions he answers. On this occasion, he talked about what the rivals to beat in LEC will be, and the answer did not leave anyone indifferent.

put G2 eSports and KOI, but not Fanatic or Mothers

Without having your own team, Team Heretics, since they are considered the number one team, Janos talks about what the three teams to beat on the next 2023 lec will be: Without a specific order... G2 eSports, technically should Be KOI too and maybe Team Vitality. In this way, Janos believes that Fanatic or Mad Lions would not be in the struggle for those first positions of this Lol majority league.


According to rumors, the G2 ESports would be formed by Broken blade, Like, Caps, Hans Samey and Mike; KOI on the other hand, keeps the entire Rogue block except for Done, which Agenda Altitude. Finally, Team Vitality changed the entire template except for Perez. The Croatian will be accompanied in this adventure Photon, BO, Neon and Kaiser.

And for you, what are the teams to beat in LEC in 2023? Do not hesitate to leave us a comment to see which team you support in the renewed format of this League of Legends competition


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