Interviews The Creators Of Solasta: Crown Of The Magister

recently got to interview the creators of Sonata: Crown of the Magister, a game that has been getting a lot of buzz lately. In this article, you'll find out some interesting facts about the game, and it's development process.


In a brand-new interview we asked the creators of Sonata: Crown of the Magister and received exclusive responses from Mathieu Girard CEO from Tactical Adventures. Even if the responses were long in coming, we do not wish to withhold the total interview from you. Please present yourself to the readers of. My name is Mathieu Girard, and I am the CEO of Tactical Adventures and the Creative Director for our first video game, Sonata: Crown of the Magister. Please describe Sonata: Crown of the Magister with a couple of words and describe what Xbox players can anticipate. Sonata: Crown of the Magister is a tactical role-playing video game in which you can create your own group of four heroes and lead them in an epic high dream adventure in an original universe (the world of Sonata), with the SRD 5.1. And the guidelines of dragons & dungeons are utilized. Why did you choose to release the game for the Xbox? We had the opportunity to establish the game on the PC and release it in the Windows Shop by using the GDK API that standardize the advancement systems for PC and consoles. Apart from the technical jargon, this means that we already understood how the Microsoft concepts work. It only made good sense to adapt the game to the consoles based on the knowledge we had on the PC. You decided to release the game directly in the Xbox Video Game Pass, for which you are celebrated quite by the Xbox fans, however what was the reason for this choice? We wished to offer the extremely tactical gameplay alternatives for Sonata as many gamers as soon as we were all set. Was it tough for you to bring the video game to the Xbox Series X or Xbox Series S? There were a few difficulties that had more to do with the console ecosystem (conversion of PC use and control to PAD and TV screen) than with the platforms of the series itself. The Series X is an extremely effective platform, the series S is likewise exceptionally capable, but needed some required modifications to keep the game at the playable level we anticipate. We are quite pleased with completion result, especially when you consider how huge our team was (20+ people at the time) which the bulk of the work took location internally. What are the technical details for the Xbox Series X? The game will keep up a resolution of as much as 4K and a frame rate of 60fps. And what do you like for the Xbox Series S? Sonata is optimized for a resolution of approximately 2k and a photo rate of 60 fps. Which distinctions remain in the video game compared to the PC version? A lot of work was taken into the change of the interface, the controls and the display of the text size. Considering that it is still a rather complicated CRPG, there were obviously not compressed locations, however we believe the end result is great and equivalent to other games of the genre.

Thanks to Xbox Game Pass Ultimate, all customers receive brand-new complimentary advantages in the form of brand-new in-game content. Can we anticipate benefits for your game here? We have actually utilized all the efforts of the group to ensure that the video game is supported well on all platforms with QOL enhancements, LCS and totally free material updates. Since we are such a small team, we had to make choices, and this focus is the area we believe our neighborhood waits for the most from us. What does the future of your game look like on the Xbox? Have you currently created an advancement plan? We plan to preserve the exact same level of playable material and opportunities on all platforms. Every new DLC will appear on PC and consoles at the same time. More on that quickly! What ideas would you give Xbox players on the method? Having fun with friends and downloading their own dungeons when they are prepared with the main material. Sonata was originally intended as a solo adventure, but the quantity of favorable feedback, which we received from both multiplayer adventurers and of premium campaigns produced by the community, surpassed our expectations! There are truly hundreds of hours of premium playing time that you can treat yourself as soon as you have ended the 2 projects Crown of the Magister and The Lost Valley. Would you like to give the readers on their method? Have a good time in the world of Sonata: Crown of the Magister!


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