Ikelos Hand Cannon: How To Get It And What God Does In Destiny 2

Among all the Kilos weapons of the DLC Warming in Destiny 2, the Kilos Hand Cannon was, with much, the weakest of the lot.

However, in season 19, Kilos weapons returned to the loot with a new set of advantages. Will these new advantages allow the Kilos hand cannon to become a first level weapon? Let's find out. So today, let's talk how to get the Kilos hand cannon and what is the God Roll in Destiny 2.

How to get the Kilos hand cannon in Destiny 2

Image source: Bungee through To get your first copy of the Kilos hand cannon, you must unlock a Seraph node with a cancellation frequency. In its inventory, you can make an annulment frequency with four resonant offers through its resonance amplifier. Once you do, go to the planet described, find the Seraph node, and the Kilos Hand Cannon will eventually fall. Then, you can buy more copies of the ex Frame on the west side of Helm. It will cost four resonant stems and 1 threshold to buy future copies.

What is the Roll of God for the Kilos hand cannon?

As mentioned above, the Kilos Hand Cannon received a new series of advantages in the 19th season. Fortunately, these new additions are just what the weapon needed to be considered a first level weapon.


Therefore, the God Roll you should be looking for is Rapid Hit and Frenzy. Rapid Hit gives a faster recharge speed after giving a precision blow, while Frenzy gives greater damage, handling and recharge speed after being in battle for a period of time. Previously, during the DLC Warming, Kilos Hand Cannon had few or no recharge advantage, which made the weapon difficult to use in most situations. However, with the addition of the advantages mentioned above, the Kilos hand cannon can now fit comfortably into a solid construction of Void 3.0 to enjoy the guardians. That is all you need to know how to get the Kilos hand cannon in Destiny 2. Be sure to consult our last destiny 2 guides, such as how to get the Logbook automatic rifle or how to get the inverted adorn ABYSS. Related Posts How to get the logbook automatic rifle and what God does in Destiny 2 How to get the inverted adornment of the abyss for the exotic chest piece Heart of Inmost Light in Destiny 2 How to get the cowboy armor in Destiny 2 Why is Rabbit disabled in Destiny 2? Answered How to get the Tripwire Canadian arch and what God does in Destiny 2


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