How To Get The Wolf Cape In Valheim: The Mistlands Update

The Mist lands update for Waldheim has added new content to the game! Check out the video and screenshots below to see what's been added or changed.

The Mist lands upgrade for Waldheim added brand-new material to the game. New areas for exploring, bosses for combating and equipment to make. One of the most popular sets that helps you to survive in the brand-new areas is the wolf armor set, however no armor set in Latham is completely without the ideal wolf cape. The cape for this armor set might be a bit harder to get than you may think. Let us discuss how you can get the new Wolf Cape in Latham

How to get the wolf hat in Latham.

While it is so simple to get the rest of the wolf armor, like your first stone cutter, it won't be so easy to get the wolf's cap. You have to get all other components that stream into the rest of the wolf armor set. Have enough wolf skins ready, both typical skins and silver skins. There is another part that makes it much more hard to get the wolf hat than the rest of the wolf armor. You require a wolfs trophy to totally produce your wolf's cap. Thankfully, there is no new wolf employer that you have to battle against preserving this trophy, as a lot of the other prizes demand from them. You have to breed a lot of wolves to get it.


The wolf trophy is an uncommon drop of mountain wolves. The precise drop chance of the object is not understood, so it is not foreseeable how rarely a drop is if it is not noted as an unusual drop. Due to the fact that it looks cool, perhaps you are lucky and already have a wolfs trophy at hand that is only displayed in its base. In this case, you can just take it off the wall and turn it into it, unless you wish to handle someone else so that you can display you for visual reasons. However, they could use the time to put some black marble in its location.

If you have no wolfs trophies on hand, you will hike to the mountains and battle against wolves till you get one. You can select whether you wear the wolf armor set as normal without the cape and still desire to use all the benefits of armor. The cape offers frost resistance, which can make checking out the mountain peaks into a breeze because they don't have to fret about freezing to death. Even if you do not desire the cap since of your stats perk, it likes it pretty cool and fits well with the rest of the wolf weaponizes to provide you this authentic Viking look. As quickly as you have managed to get the cape into your hands, you might want to consider getting the superior Black metal Spitzhacke into your hands. Waldheim is available on PC, Xbox One and Xbox Series X | s. - This short article was updated on December 14, 2022


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