How to get a hidden BIO achievement

Broken weapons are the achievement of Genshin Impact Wonders of the World, which can be obtained by receiving a hit from a certain animal created by Hydro Hypostasis. To get it, you must first access the Hydro Hypostasis cave near the Suggests basin on Watatsumi Island. The boss will perform a series of attacks, one of which will give you this achievement.

How to get a blow from a certain animal created by Hydro Hypostasis in Genshin Impact

Having entered the battle with Hydro Hypostasis, he will begin to attack you by a number of different skills. One of these skills includes Dolphin’s diving when the boss calls a flock of dolphins to attack you. Dolphins will come out of the ground and dive to your head forward. Your goal is to fall under this attack.

You can activate the shield so as not to get damage and at the same time complete the task. If you accidentally evade the attack, do not worry, as Hydro Hypostasis will repeat it a couple of times per battle. But you may have to stop the boss, without defeating him immediately until he again releases the attack.

As soon as you fall under this attack, you will unlock a hidden achievement called broken weapons. Check out our guidance on how to get a hidden achievement in a dry cleaning in Genshin Impact here in the Pro game manuals to unlock another achievement of Hydro Hypostasis.


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