Guide to the location of the weapon schemes of the Callisto Protocol

Like its spiritual prequels, The Callisto Protocol also places players on the horror of survival, where they should use each weapon at their disposal to stay alive.


Unfortunately, the Callisto protocol does not give you all the weapons automatically, and you will have to look for it yourself. To help you in this search, we created this leadership that list all the schemes of the location of the weapon in the Callisto Protocol, so that you have an idea of what weapons are in the game and how to get it.

The location of the Callisto Protocol weapons

Most of the weapons in the Callisto Protocol are in the form of drawings, and not a real weapon, which means that you should print this weapon, as well as ammunition for it in the forge in the game. To do this, you will need Callisto loans, as this is the currency necessary for printing weapons and ammunition. Below is all weapons that is available or can be found in the Callisto Protocol in the order of their appearance.

electric shock baton

An electric shock baton will become your first real weapon and is in chapter 2: A flash as part of the usual development of the plot. Players must squeeze through the ventilation hole in order to get it, trying not to be discovered, because the guard will be present everywhere. There will be a cat-scene if you are safely entered the security chamber and were not found so many opponents and two huge fans. Jacob will take an electric shock from a prison guard in this video. The electric shock baton you purchased will be your close-up weapon to the end.

H manual gun

The schemes of the hand gun can be found in the worshiping tower. In order to get this, players need to fix the meeting with Elias to the Watchtower in Chapter 2: A flash. He will give you a scheme and ask you to take it to Reforge and print a new weapon. Then you can use it for printing Hand Cannon.

Skin Pistol

As soon as you get to the basement during chapter 3 (after the collapse of the elevator), go to the end where you will encounter a group of enemies. So take the fuse. After that he went to the basement storage with the assembled fuse to find a ventilation hole through which you can climb. Use the fuse on the fuse unit next to the elevator. You can find Skunk weapons in the opening room.

glove made of fiberglass

GRP glove is in chapter 3: consequences. The purpose of this chapter is to find a way out of the basement. GRP glove will be found on a dead guard you will face. This dead guard will be on a gurney when you enter the inspection room. This is part of the development of the game, so it cannot be missed.

weapons for riot Gun schemes can be found at the beginning of chapter 5: Lost.

The help of Dance in her battle with a biofag in the garage is all that players are required to get Riot Gun. Dani will reward you with the Riot Gun scheme as soon as she defeats the biofag.

Tactical Pistol

A tactical gun can be found in chapter 6: below. Players will find this pistol on the main path, trying to get to the transport hub. An automatic tactical gun with a large store provides high rate of fire. After the victory over the enemies at the beginning of the service tunnels, when you go straight and turn right, from where you will see prisons on the left side, you will reach the camera. In the cell there will be different lockers that you can open for different items, but be careful, as the blind will attack you. Opposite these lockers, there will be a workbench over which a tactical pistol scheme will be placed.

Assault rifle

The schemes of the assault rifle can be found in chapter 7: the colony on the second floor in the bathroom when you climb the light tower. In fact, this is the first main area in which you fall at the beginning of chapter 7. Having reached the bathroom, you will find an injection of health and an assault rifle circuit on the sink. As soon as you take the scheme of the assault rifle, you will be attacked by a blind one. Kill the blind, and then you can easily get a drawing of an assault rifle.


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