Argentina Wins The World Cup And Pareses Almost Falls Off The Bus

After years of anticipation and months of matches, Argentina has made history by winning the World Cup in Buenos Aires. Fans erupted in celebration as the team won their third championship title, but there was one moment during the victory lap that almost ended in tragedy: Leandro Parades nearly fell off the roof of the bus! Read on to learn more about this incredible incident and how it all unfolded.

The plane, which Argentina's delegation restored house after the World Cup victory, raised with a bus from the airport to the Football Association, which had to do with five kilometers away after landing in Buenos Aires after landing in Buenos Aires is. Below on the streets: countless fans who cheer the gamers in the middle of the night.

Up on the roofing of the bus: Leandro Parades, Rodrigo de Paul, Lionel Messi, Angel di Maria and Nicolas Amend. The mood is solved, however then there is a scene that ESPN will later publish in a video contribution and strange: Amend sings and cheers with one arm, then the bus turns and drives directly under a leading line cable television.


The line is at the head height of the gamers who are simply ducking and responding at the last moment. Parades rests on the outdoors, he likewise fits in time, but the cable television tears the hat off his head while driving. It is a frightened second, the hat flies a number of meters into the depth. Simply a minute later, de Paul Parades puts her arm around the ear's celebration. This Tuesday, the celebration on the 68-meter-high obelisk is to be continued in the city. After the accomplishment at the World Cup, the Argentine government has rapidly called out a legal holiday in order to have the ability to commemorate the first title win because 1986. According to media reports, several provinces need to not support the choice, but the team itself celebrates the title, the fantastic profession crown of Lionel Messi and football. A strange occurrence consisted of.


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