The Video Game Awards Column on curious elections such as Diablo Immortal and Overwatch 2

The elections of this year's Game Awards exist and while the award program is within reach on December 8th, the chosen games are hotly gone over.

As always, the six prospects are in the spotlight on the title Video game of the Year, where this year the amusing feline experience Stray is also available in addition to hits such as Elden Ring and God of War Ragnarök. However, although most argue about whether Elden Ring or Ragnarök are now entitled to the crown, my focus is puzzled in completely various categories.

Manipulative microtransactions in pure kind: Diablo Armor (t) all

The existence of the Finest Mobile Game category alone is most likely to be upset with some gamers, after all, there are still people who are not totally taken by the cell phone compared to the PC or the console. In the Finest Multiplayer Game category, a prospect has actually sneaked in who owes his election to whatever however definitely not to play gamer satisfaction: Of course there is talk of Overwatch 2. Diablo Immortal with its manipulative practices and Overwatch 2 with his disastrous innovation are 2 prospects who in my opinion do not have anything to look for in any category of the Video game Awards. There are likewise a couple of games that I do not miss the nominations, however which I consider to be lost in their classifications. Numerous of the issues can also be traced back to the truth that there are not an infinitely strong title for each single category every year.

A technical construction site: Overwatch 2.

In any case, it did not do not have the competitors: With Persona 4 Arena Ultimate, for example, a candidate was to select from, whose election in this classification would have made a lot more sense than the innovative, however unsuitable SFU. The indie title with the Video game Awards nominations a minimum of have something in common: it ensures gray hair for me.

Even apart from Diablo Immortal, the game selection of the category is not unproblematic: Especially the 2 geisha titles Gen sin Effect and Tower of Fantasy with their loot boxes are sample examples for manipulative systems in computer game and gamers pull the cash out of betting. Diablo Immortal in particular programs that some elections of the Game Awards were selected far from player truth.

The principle of Overwatch 2 might still play in a lively way and the reduction of the hero number per match from twelve to 10 was the long overdue fresh wind for numerous. Due to the many technical problems, postponed balance changes and the modification of loot boxes to the Battle Pass, players on Overwatch 2 have actually hardly left a great hair and the user score from 1.5 on Metacritic just shows this plainly.

Even in advance, Overwatch 2 had actually triggered controversial headings by the obsession to transfer a telephone number, likewise because this choice was excluded by pre-paid users. The feature was eventually abolished for a large part of the gamers, the list of annoyance does not stop here.

Many of the issues can likewise be traced back to the fact that there are not a considerably strong title for each single category every year. Then you should think of flexible classification sizes or reassess how essential factor to consider is numerous genres. Anyway, the arbitrariness aspect is arbitrary for me: Why are there classifications for action adventure or simulation, but not for visual novels or platforms?

Especially compared to the multiplayer enjoyable Nintendo Change Sports, some other games in this category appear to have actually been tended to have been tasted, according to the slogan: the main point is colored or from Nintendo. The reality that the nominated IT Takes Two in this category can be played in this classification, but is now really not ideal for children due to the torn scene with soft toy cutie, there is only further proof of my thesis of arbitrariness.

Platoon 3 likewise appears to me to be out of place as a family-friendly game due to the lack of split screen and the dynamic inclusion definitely feels more comfy with the nomination as the best multiplayer video game. Because that mother and father get their own Nintendo Change, simply to dye a little to color the children with the children, must be the exception.

categorical cramp in the fight.

In the description of the classification there is talk of video games that were primarily developed for the battle guy against guy (in the original: Head-to-Head) and four of the five video games meet this criterion thanks to various local or online modes Relieve. At the offline single player Sight I battle a guy versus the maker, which is why the title falls out of the grid.

(K) fun for the entire household.

The Best Combating Game classification this year is also obvious by the fact that a duck has slipped under the swan chicks: not due to the fact that a video game is uglier than the others, but just due to the fact that it does not belong there. Yes, battling is carried out in Sight, but this also applies to numerous other games that still have no company in the Best Battling Game category.

For some years now, the Finest Family Game category has been apart from some outliers such as this year's Lego Star Wars: The Skywalker Saga has a pure Nintendo category, since apparently no one else in the market that can be enjoyed with the entire household. It can occur that a title like Mario + Rabbis: Stimulates of Hope gets lost in this classification, even though it does not have a single multiplayer function.

A fully equipped character for 100,000 euros, numerous and extremely confusing genuine money systems and a loot cap for Free2Play players: Diablo Immortal has to do with whatever that you can do wrong as a mobile video game. It is not for nothing that we explained the video game in our test as a mobile genuine cash hell and scolded it with a poor 39 as a rating.

. The existence of the Best Mobile Game classification alone is most likely to be mad with some players, after all, there are still people who are not totally taken by the cell phone compared to the PC or the console. On the other hand, I discover the category entirely proper, however I believe a nominated candidate is more than questionable: Diablo Immortal.

Diablo Never-ceasing with its manipulative practices and Overwatch 2 with his catastrophic innovation are two candidates who in my viewpoint do not have anything to search for in any classification of the Video game Awards. There are likewise a couple of video games that I do not miss out on the nominations, however which I consider to be misplaced in their classifications. Attention: Description prices quote follow and the effort to meaning of terms.

Now, obviously, one can say that somebody is playing and the rest of the family watches, however with the easy certification, every child-friendly single player has the stuff to captivate the entire family and no one can truly be interested in such valley category meanings. The argument that it is merely video games that appropriate for each age group is not precisely convincing: the description of the classification mentions games that are ideal for playing with the household.

innovation versus commerce: a dream for the future.

The immoral methods with which Diablo Immortal Blizzard flushed millions in the pocket were also penalized by the players: the user score from 0.4 on Metacritic speaks volumes. If it had actually gone after the feedback from the neighborhood and the rankings, you ought to not have named Diablo Immortal as the very best, but as the most manipulative mobile game.

Even after his release, Overwatch 2 consistently afforded technical carvers: Because of a bug, the heroes Torsion and Bastion had to be momentarily shut off and due to extreme FPS thefts, even the Junker Town card was not available for a brief time. The ice queen Ma also had to be cold with her Ice Wall due to the fact that of a bug and has just recently become part of the party.


Ultimately, despite all the criticism, I am naturally curious to see which games are in the specific categories the gold medals and who will remain in the stores in brand-new product packaging with a brilliant Video game of the Year banners next year. The Video Game Awards on December 8 should not end the previous debates-after all, it can be talked about whether the winners have likewise made their title or not.

Likewise in the Finest Multiplayer Game category, a prospect has crept in who owes his election to whatever however definitely not to play gamer fulfillment: Obviously there is talk of Overwatch 2. The follower to Blizzard's hero shooter (Hey, Blizzard!) Leaving his players down throughout the launch thanks to enormous server problems and hours of line and because part 1 has not existed ever since, there was likewise no option.

There has been a lot of negative feedback from players and critics since his release on June 2: Activision blizzard seems to have actually rented the term manipulative microtransactions for his loot spin-off in his pocket, due to the fact that Diablo Immortal hit the barrel in many ways the ground.

In any case, in addition to the apparent concentration on marketing and commerce, I would like a bit more guts for the nominations for the future. The truth that the Finest Art Direction classification, for instance, takes into account the technical side of the optics, enables titles such as God of War or Horizon Forbidden West, although they have considerably less to use compared to a refuse in regard to resourcefulness.


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