Silent Hill 2 Standing Red Triangle Taln is three -dimensional -completely reproduced to painful rugged and rusted metals

GECKO has started reservations for Silent Hill 2/ Moi Day, Red Pyramid Singing 1/6 Scale Statue from the horror adventure game Silent Hill 2.

This statue is a three-dimensionalized one that first appeared in Silent Hill 2 Red Pyramid Singing (commonly known as Red Triangle). Based on the concept of If you make a new triangular head, brush up the expressions and designs that could not be reproduced in the specifications at the time of the game release, in a category that does not impair the original image . It is produced in full supervision by Nobunori Ito in charge of art director / monster design.

State, which has been completely reproduced in detail, such as fresh scratches and reddish metals, seems to have jumped out of the game. If you decorate the room, you will be able to enjoy the sense of urgency in the original.

Product details are as follows. The reservation period is until December 30.

Holding a long spear in your right hand and standing is an executor depicted in the paintings of the museum, Fog Day, Trace of Judgment. The characteristic helmet shown by the red pyramid is not only a rusted metal expression, but also a biological expression. Details that have been applied to the whole body, such as painful raw wounds, rough skin, and broken clothes, will never get tired.

The pedestal like the execution platform can be connected, and the final round can be reproduced by arranging two red pyramiding.

[Product specifications] ● Price: 42,000 yen (tax included) ● Specifications: Painted status ● Material: ABS/PVC ● Size: Approximately 340 mm (1/6 scale) ● Scheduled release date: March to May 2023


● Prototype production: Shiny Aka (Headlong) ● Painter: Katsushige Okayama (-accent-) ● Reservation benefits: Special booklet drawn by Nobunori Ito (not for sale) A booklet collecting sketches drawn by Mr. Ito for the prototype production of red pyramiding.

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Free Shipping ◆ GECKO (Gecko) SENT HILL2 Remodeling of Judge-Red Pyramid Singing-1/6 Scale Statue Reservation Benefits [March Reservation] Price: 38000 yen (tax included, free shipping) (as of 2022/11/1)

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