Lol: K'sante's play to defend his ADC that shows that it is much more than a tank


The preseason of League of Legends is increasingly hot with the arrival of Christmas. While there is still more than a month for the official beginning of season 13, the game already lets us see what will be more or less the metaled Remodeled in this preseason and several champions have come to light with an immeasurable power, as is the case with some tanks thanks to the arrival of the new objects.

But it is not just a new batch of objects and changes in the invoked crack, it is also the appearance of a new champion that has appeared in recent weeks of the 12 season and is giving enough to talk about: K'Santa.

Nkrumah's pride has fallen in love with the entire community thanks to his skills kit and enormous balance of power from his departure. Many have commented that it is a spectacular tank, and that is obvious, but one of the great attractions of the champion also lies in its definitive and incredible utility if used to defend your team, as it happens in the play that you will see below.

K'Santa, tank and protector of your team

The play in question is brought by the user particular-Pin6418, who has shared the play through Reddit, the Internet forum in which players and developers communicate to speak long and lying about the different aspects of the video game. As you can see in the video, Ashe was trying to hurt to continue paddling in the game, but suddenly he found a Darius that would do with his skills with his skills.

However, a saint named K'Santa appeared and, as soon as he saw him, he threw himself for him with his final to send him away from the group fight. This caused the shooter to harm the other rivals and thus get a double murder. Rumble came to try to finish it, but once again (and with a murder included), he approached Ashe with his feet e-games to save his life with his shield and give him the third murder of the fight.

This is in essence what is K'Santa: on the one hand we have a tank that becomes a fighter and a character with a lot of utility, since its definitive can turn the game if the right enemy is chosen. We will have to see how this preseason evolves, but everything indicates that it will be a very important champion both in Sold and in the competitive circuit.


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