Black Friday 2022: The best offers today in computer science, accessories and PC Gaming (November 25)

Although the stores increasingly extend the concept, the Black Friday 2022 officially takes place this November 25. It is on the definitive day when we find the largest amount of offers available in electronic shops. A perfect opportunity to give way to all those products that we wanted to buy for a long time to improve our Gaming PC. Thus, we can take advantage of a few discounts, which will make our lives easier. However, the offers are loaded by the devil. They are not always as interesting as stores indicate and even when they are worth it, it can be very difficult to decide between so much variety.

To try to help you, from the writing of MGG we have carried out a selection of products of different categories. It is something we have done on other special dates in relation to offers, and we plan to follow the same standards. We will add monitors, mice, keyboards, headphones and any peripheral that can help us make our experience as computer players more enjoyable. PC Gaming products that we have selected independently because we think they are worth it and that have not been suggested by brands or the Amazon itself (where most offers will come from). In addition, we recommend you be careful with the heated and buy only what you really want.

The best monitors on offer this Black Friday 2022

The monitor is one of the most important upgrades to the team of any computer player. A better panel increases the quality of the colors, and we are not even talking about 4k, 2k or 144 Hz. We are going to select an option for each profile, and we begin right now.

Huawei Mate view GT 27-2K and 165Hz at a laugh price

2K monitors have dropped their price in recent years, but they are rarely so affordable. This Huawei model is perfect for competitive games thanks to its 27 inches, 165 Hz and 4ms of refreshment. It also meets when we offer good colors and vision angles with a VA panel (very good only if we are going to be sitting in front of the monitor). For its price, it is a quality leap with respect to the very interesting and affordable full HD.

Philips Momentum 27M1C5500VL-A somewhat more ambitious jump

Taking into account that the 2K monitors range is very wide, we wanted to offer you a second more ambitious option. In broad strokes are similar to the Huawei we have just talked about, but the difference is that it yields even better in competitive games by offering the minimum response time of 1ms. This is always interesting, especially if we play games that require many reflections such as Rocket League, Valorant, Counter-Strike or League of Legends.

AOC U34G3XM/EU-The the best ultrawide option

Ultrawide monitors move to a resolution of 21: 9, offering greater peripheral vision and significantly improving the experience in many single-player. We must take into account that they require a good machine and do not meet so well in competitive games. They are a bit the opposite of what we show you so far: great to enjoy great stories and only acceptable in the competitive field (even if they have as good specifications like this AOC).

Lenovo L28u-30-The 4K option

No flowering, ornaments or excessive frame rate; but with everything that a very specific type of players need. The Lenovo L28U30 monitor is our favorite option-and with much-for console players who need a 4K option with a good panel. The soda rate is only 60 Hz but... no game in console needs more! Quality contained and cheap, bets on it also if you play Single player titles on PC.

Philips Monitor 243V7QDSB/00-24 -The second screen you need

Our criteria for choosing second monitor is quite simple: we want something that does not make us ugly in the room, which meets the minimum quality and at a price as affordable as possible. The option we bring you is 24 inches, but it has a good panel and meets all the criteria.

Mice and keyboards on offer during Black Friday 2022

We now focus on what we consider the most important peripherals for the Gaming PC. Investing in a good keyboard and mouse will make our most pleasant game sessions and, in addition, it makes us win in precision.

Racer Death adder v2 mini-the the best cheap option

We are going to start with an interesting alternative if you simply want a functional mouse. Racer Death adder V2 Mini is a cheap, precise and light option (weighs 62 grams). It is not at the level of the company's latest products, but it works fantastically. An eternal king in the mid-range that is now at a ridiculous price for its performance.

Logitech G Pro-High performance at a very good price

The Logitech G Pro has earned its position as one of the most prominent mice of the high range, although this time we find it at a much more affordable price. It has an incredibly precise sensor that is combined with a wireless system that will never want to return to cable mouse.


Racer Viper V2 Pro-An option without discount

Unfortunately and although we wanted to offer you a good mid-range mouse, high and the highest; In this last category there are no great discounts. In any case and if you were interested in going with the latest of the latest, we leave you the V2 Pro V2, mouse that we use and value very positively in our review.

Racer Huntsman Elite-Perfect keyboard at a tight price

The price has always been the big problem of this keyboard, but now it is at a bestial price. There is no great historical to make comparisons, but in other offers we have found it much more expensive. The discount is substantial and makes it very interesting. Purple, biomechanical switches and many controls. Highly recommended if you like large keyboards.

Logitech G Pro Lathe Tentacles option

For some time, we have opted for reduced size keyboards, and the Logitech G Pro TKL is one of the most recommended. Use GO Blue switches, which have the characteristic sound of mechanical keyboards. In addition, they offer a very interesting performance. Its reduced size (without numerical pad) will end up conquering.

The best headphones, helmets and microphones

Finally, we also wanted to collect some audio and communication peripherals. They are interesting alternatives, especially if our listening team is outdated, or we need a microphone that does not burst the eardrums of our colleagues in Discord.

Logitech G Pro X-The most balanced alternative

The truth is that these headphones are one of the most interesting options. If we are very demanding with the audio we can bet on its surround version. Otherwise, it will serve us to go to the stereo version. The integrated microphone is in the line of the headphones of this style: we are not going to become podcasters, but it has enough quality for the voice chat.

Blue Snowball Ice-The Microphone easier and more affordable

With the theme of the helmets already resolved, we may want a table microphone that offers us a good performance. Our choice is the Snowball ICE, perfect to start and at a very affordable price. We have first-hand experience with the product, and we know it is worth it.

Main image Courtesy of Arian Dervish


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