The best protective composition FUT in FIFA 23

In FIFA 23, your skills can be far from you, but only if you think about the team game. Just as in real football/football games, the arrangement is a key if you want long-term success. This is especially important in the FIFA Ultimate Team, as you need to install a defensive circuit and tactics in accordance with your players. So, now you are probably wondering what FUT protection team is best in FIFA 23.

What protection scheme FUT to choose in FIFA 23

It is always reasonable to choose defensive tactics depending on the players available at your disposal. Even the best formations are ineffective if you do not have personnel for them. Of course, you need the most effective fut protective composition and players who can play in this system. Therefore, while you are experimenting with strategies, try to get several excellent CB, LB, RB, and especially CDM.

4-4-2 FUT Formation of a defense command in FIFA 23

THE * 4-4-2-a classic scheme in which you can successfully defend yourself and at the same time have enough space for an attack. This arrangement is a great place for starters, with the ability to switch to more defensive options if necessary. Since the FIFA Ultimate Team gameplay is based on a pace, 4-4-2 is perhaps the best protection scheme, since it allows you to simultaneously hold your gates and be dangerous in the attack.

Scheme 4-3-3 in FIFA Ultimate Team

  • The arrangement of 4-3-3 allows you to flexibly change the pace and use any opportunity for a quick counterattack. You can use this as a protective option, where you put one CDM (central defender-prospector) and two central midfielders as its pigment.

5-1-2-2-FUT Protective scheme in FIFA 23

  • 5-1-2-2-2-one of the most popular schemes, perhaps because this is a new option in FIFA 23. To begin with, you have five defenders that can cover all errors. Also, during the attack, you can always be sure that there is an HDM, ready to slow down possible counterattacks.

5-4-1 FUT Protective Scheme in FIFA 23

  • Why even try to attack if you can put every player in front of your gate and wait until the enemy loses his temper? It is not very pleasant to look at this, but there is victory, and such a construction can be the key to victory over stronger teams. Do not forget that Greece became the European champion in 2004 with protection. Just park the bus and wait for the opponent’s mistakes.

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