[Picture diary of Teru Kazu Yoshida] I experienced a D -class staff of disposable in the ADV SCP: Secret File, which investigates the secret experiment of SCP.

This time, Game zoo Studio has developed the development and released by pitman SCP: Auto File .

Do you know the SCP Foundation?

The SCP Foundation is a fictitious organization that aims to secure, accommodate, and protect super normal objects and phenomena that cannot be measured by nature laws. And it is also a joint production community site that spells episodes related to the purpose of the SCP Foundation.

This work is an omnibus-style horror adventure that becomes a staff member of the SCP Foundation and is involved in various paranormal phenomena.

Some SCPs enter the book and appear as a neat role in the average middle-aged man, but it looks like me.

This time, an old man like SCP has played SCP games!

Is your employment SCP Foundation? It's as dangerous as a black company!

The protagonist, Karl Astana, was writing his graduation thesis in a diner in a certain town and talked to a mysterious black suit. **

The man in a black suit only told him, There is a job that is perfect for you. It's a mysterious and sublime job **.

The business card was black on both sides, and three characters were printed on one side. SCP ...

No, Karakul. If you don't want to get a job in such a dubious foundation. The black business card company is a metaphor of a black company or a conscious company with a strong habit! (My prejudice)

Earlier, when I was searching for a job at Hello Work, I often talked to a suspicious uncle who was nothing but a dubious uncle who was nothing to do. **

If you were on the invitation of that uncle... The destination is the SCP Foundation or underground labor facilities where Pelican spreads.

Soon, one letter arrives. The letter described the information of joining the SCP Foundation.

Hey, did you really enter the SCP Foundation... The hero is too aware of crisis.

On the day of joining, the protagonist was shaken by an elevator in the SCP Foundation and descended to the basement.

Outside the elevator, containers with numbers are lined up. Is SCP in the container?

In addition to the SCPs that seem to be SCP, some accumulated containers are wearing orange connections. Perhaps they are staff called D-class.

Foundation officials are divided into multiple classes, and D-class staff are often treated like disposable consumables as an experimental base for dangerous SCPs.

, but my T-shirts are orange! ?

I wonder if I will be disposable...

Newcomer training is a fun video appreciation...

When I got off the elevator, I was passed through a certain room. Is this my workroom?

Standing up the PC on the desk, the chat room opened.

On the chat screen, select the content of the remarks and communicate with your colleagues.

The colleagues in the chat room are like Zoe, Stuart, and Gent.

Zoe is a personality that cares about the surroundings, and Stuart seems to have a sudden character that suddenly enters the story of anime. And Gent doesn't give a bit of a thorn to the hero of MIT graduates.

So I chose a bullish option so that I could not lick it, but... I suddenly became a very disgusting guy...

Apparently, chatting with colleagues seems to be occasionally performed while looking at the survey files described later.

While doing so, newcomers have begun.

In the newcomer training, it seems that you can see the images of experiments conducted in the past.

John Carter, a subject in the video experiment, is a former death row. He seems to have undergone this mission in exchange for the release. His code name is D-503. He is a D-class staff who will be disposable.

His mission is to collect the garbage falling in the desert and throw it into an incinerator.

For the time being, it is a body of the past, but the player operates the John Carter and drives the garbage where the radar is displayed.

By the way, this work does not support the operation with the controller. Until I started this series, I didn't have the habit of playing games on a PC, so I'm still worried about the operation on the keyboard.

Let's pray that there is no intense action.

There was no intense action, as for my prayer. If this is the case with a mouse & keyboard, it's okay.

After returning to the residential area after finishing work, as a mental test, play a simple puzzle that moves shapes in the frame.

The days of working without incident continued, but abnormalities gradually appeared around the 8th day.

After finishing the collection of garbage, the D-503 was caught in a sudden sandstorm and lost his way home, and touched a part of the paranormal phenomenon.

Later, the D-503, who had abnormalities in the spirit, escaped from the residential area and disappeared.

The video ends here.

By the way, there seems to be no D-class staff who could safely leave the desert. Indeed guinea pigs!

This is the end of the newcomer training.

And I wrote the satisfaction questionnaire for this training, but if I put a low evaluation, I would be dropped into the D class because my boss would hurt the mood. **

This is a baby!

Various SCP survey files that speak in omnibus format

In the previous newcomer training, there were truck driving and mini-games operations, but there were no intense actions that I was worried about, and I stroked my chest.

From now on, we will look at the survey files as a formal staff. In the SCP-701 Black Box Incident, a facility called a pony station occurred, and contact with the Foundation was cut off.

The player operates the agent Bella Lawrence and embarks on the investigation.

This time, we will explore the stage, finds a falling item, activate the device, and proceed with the game. The feeling of play is a common survival horror.

In another survey file, you can talk with a pretty touch like entering a fairy tale. Does the style change not only in the story content, but also in the story?

Before playing, I was scared to imagine the horror development that was attacked by an absurd and terrifying monster, but this would be safe even for those who are not good at horror! What if you were careless...


There is a scene that escapes from the monster!

I was able to clear it in about 5 hours.

Some survey files were searching for the facility from a first-person perspective, and those that escaped from the paranormal phenomenon that attacked, but basically it was only in the direction in which it was instructed, so the difficulty was low. I think so. The Gamay may change depending on the survey file, so I was able to play to the end without getting tired.

There is no doubt that you can enjoy it more if you have prior knowledge about SCP, but even if you have only the knowledge of SCP is something strange and scary, , it is an omnibus-style horror game. You can enjoy it well!

SCP: Secret File is being distributed to PCs.


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