First look at Sydney Sweeney on Madame Web movie

The universe of alternate spider-man movies of Sony continues to take shape, this due to premieres such as Venom 1 and 2, as well as the recent Möbius that became meme shortly after a short time. However, a tape that attracts attention is Madame Web , of which one of his actresses has been shown, Sydney Sweeney , in some photographs.


The Twitter user @dakotajbra has revealed the first images of Sydney Sweeney for this new filming. * And that has led fans to think that the actress will play Julia Carpenter , the second Spider - Woman .

Here are the photos:

Similarly, the followers mention that Madame Web could be located in the beginning of the years 2000 , so it could be located chronologically with the first spider films-Man . There have been many details, but as the film is going to be screened for almost two years, it will surely spend a lot of time to see a trailer.

Remember that the film premieres on February 16 of 2024 .


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