World War II Strategy Hearts of IRON IV Finally, the Japanese language is finally officially decided. To the same time as the new DLC by Blood Alone on September 28

PARADOX Interactive announced on September 23 that it will provide Japanese compatible with World War II Strategy Games Hearts of IRON IV . It will be implemented in accordance with the distribution of the expansion pack by Blood Alone, and will be updated in Japan on September 28.

Hearts of IRON IV is a strategy game with the motif of World War II. Players choose their own countries from all countries that appear from great powers to small countries. In addition to enjoying real-time war simulation set in land, sea, and sky, you can reproduce historical facts and form the history of IF while performing politics, diplomatic, and trade. In addition, this work also supports match and cooperative multiplayer with up to 32 players.

Until now, this work did not officially support Japanese, but was distributed by Japanese-style Mods produced by volunteers. According to the Japanese-style MOD project administrator, Lowlands, PARADOX Interactive has officially adopted the MOD and has been working on Japanese in Japanese. It seems that the quality of the translation was popular with the company, which may have become one of the reasons for recruitment. Anyway, after this work is officially compatible with Japanese, you will be able to play in Japanese without applying MOD. Also, in the future update, you will be able to enjoy it with the Japanese language reflected from the distribution date.


This work is PARADOX Development Studio, a subsidiary of PARADOX Interactive. In another title in the studio, in May this year, the PC version Stellar is was compatible with Japanese (related article). In the same work, the data was taken over from the Japanese modification MOD produced by volunteers, and it was officially Japanese. According to the Steam store page, the new studio's new work, which was released on October 26, will support Japanese display from the first day of release.

Hearts of IRON IV is being distributed to PC (Steam/Microsoft Store). The update will be implemented on September 28, when the expansion pack by Blood Alone will be distributed, and will be officially supported in Japanese.


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