Smilegate, Online Indie Game Festival 'Burning Beaver 2022'

[ Moon Young-soo] Smilegate Future Lab Center (Chairman Kwon Hyuk-bin, Future Lab) announced on the 6th that it will hold the on-line hybrid indie game festival 'Burning Beaver 2022'.

Burning Beaver 2022 is a festival where indie game creators, workers and the public gather together to enjoy indie game culture, including indie game exhibitions, conferences, creators' lounges, business matching, and cultural experiences. We are recruiting indie game teams to participate in the exhibition by October 23rd.

Burning Beaver 2022 will be held in a separate pop-up space in the main street of Garosu-gil, Sinsa-dong, Seoul for three days from December 16 to 18. Smilegate Stove's Burning Beaver 2022 Online Exhibition Hall will also be held for a month from the day.

During the festival, about 80 booths are installed, providing a variety of indie games to be displayed and experienced. At the conference, we will showcase the indie game industry trends and share the creators' know-how and support growth. Networking between creators, as well as publishers, investors, and public institutions, will be sessions for business meetings.


The festival will be held in a hybrid format held online and offline at the same time. Burning Beaver 2022 online exhibition halls on the Stove Platform can be enjoyed by more than 150 games without restrictions on place and time. In addition, Stov's next-generation social video service, 'P.POOL', will be online for online, such as conference and creator lounge.

Han Young-woon, CEO of Smilegate Stove, said, Stove has established itself as a platform for indie game creators to enhance the quality of game and experience better business achievements. This adds to it to actively support creators and users to be a festival that can enjoy the game culture.

Kwon Hyuk-bin, chairman of Smilegate Futur Lab Center, said, Smilegate has been a company-wide support for indie game creators for the past decade so that the indie game creative ecosystem can be healthy and activated at the group level. It is significant as a festival with the authenticity and expertise of Smilegate, which has supported the ecosystem.If indie creators can enjoy the game culture and become a place for Indie Game Festival, which can be enjoyed with fellow creators, indie creators can grow with fellow creators. He said.


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