Pay attention to the technical power of achievement electricity, which can manufacture 75,000 controllers on a full automatic controller in the Wi-Fi card technical demonstration where PC games can be played on the switch [

Tokyo Game Show (TGS 2022) is the largest game exhibition in Japan from September 15 to 18. At the booth, a hardware maker, Achievement Electric Co., Ltd., which manufactures and sells game pads, VR and AR equipment, exhibited various new products under development.

Achievement electronics are Japanese corporations of the Dashing Electronics Group, established in 2007, and are in charge of operating in Japan. The actual product was made in a Dashing Electronics factory, which was almost full-auto-manufactured that could be manufactured with 75,000 controllers a day.

Dashing Electronics has been developing mainly in the United States and Europe, but it seems that it will focus more in Japan in the future, and this time, Hyperkin's PC engine compatible machine Retro GO, Striker VR, Striker VR. There was a trial corner of the Gun Controller Mavrik-PRO for VR.


PC engine compatible machine Retro GO

A PC engine compatible machine developed by Hyperkin in the United States. It seems that the controller will be released separately, but the price for both the main unit and controller will be released in 2023, but the price is undecided. This trial is just an alpha version, and the formal release time is so hard that you do not want to determine the official release time until the development team is satisfied.

Gun Controller for VR Mavrik-PRO

A gun controller for the new VR under development by STRIKER VR in the United States. Equipped with a tactile feedback function, the price is expensive as it can achieve a more realistic sense of play. Therefore, it is expected to be used at VR experience facilities, but a general version will be developed in 2023.

Nintendo Switch STREAM CARD that can stream PC games

The special Wi-Fi card developed with the concept of What if I could play PC games on my computer using Nintendo Switch? For example, you can play a game launched on a PC in 2 F on Nintendo Switch while sitting on a sofa on the 1st floor. This is not planned to develop product, and it is a part of the exhibition of technical skills.

However, we are looking for a company that has received appropriate rights approval from Nintendo, or a company that performs necessary customizations and co-develop as an actual product.

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