How to get a secret door at Disney Dreamlight Valley

Disney Dream light Valley introduces you to his star resident Mickey at the very beginning of the game. If you spend time to make friends with it, you can earn several awards. Although the quest blocks the last reward. Read on to find out how to fulfill the last quest of Mickey's friendship, a hidden door.


How to fulfill the quest of friendship of Mickey 10th level Secret door in Disney Dream light Valley

To unlock this quest, you need to fulfill previous quests in the quest line of the friendship of Mickey: Memories of Mickey , Federation , hang out with Mickey , missing Minnie, Shadows and shadows and shadows and shadows and shadows and shadows and shadows and shadows. Luke and also increased memory **. You also need to pump the level of friendship of Mickey to 10 levels.

Here are the steps you need to take to complete the secret door:

  • Talk to Mickey. He seems to think that he can know about the hidden treasure that you must find, but first you need to open a magic chest.
  • Open a magic chest from your inventory. You will see the image of half the door. The other half is closed by the curtain.

  • Mickey remembers the door and riddle to her.

  • You will see turrets and towers. Inside: the door for the new and the old.
  • Go to your castle. Go through four bushes in pots to the right of you to find a purple curtain that closes something. Use your magic to push the curtain.
  • Seeing the door, Mickey conveniently recalls the second half of the riddle:
    • For this, you do not need a key that you have ever known. To open this door, find suitable stones.
  • Return to the memory in a hidden chest, starting with green stone and rotating clockwise. Place aquamarine , grenade , vitrine and also tourmaline in the door.
  • Go through the door to find Mickey's secret room with all the things that he hid from oblivion. He will give you a fountain in exchange for your help.

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