Quiet streamer, the new audiovisual communication law will not be the end of Twitch

A new nightmare has just landed among the most famous content creators of the panorama after the announcement of the Government of Spain of regulate the activity of the content creators and protecting them in the law state. Many of them have branded this decision as something terrible for streamers, accusing the government of controlling them at will and assuming their rights and freedoms will be reduced by a new law of audiovisual communication.

But, Is it true that this law will be as harmful as many say? With Anujbost's help, we will tell you why this new audiovisual communication law will not affect almost anything in what these content creators do. **


A law that makes the twitch standard official

As you can see, This news about the new law is not new , since it was spoken initially in May and, in turn, a preliminary draft that was announced in December. At that time there was a little stir although, not as much as now, and for everyone to understand, the main guidelines that will be taken with this law will be the following:

You will have toregister in a registry to know who is who In commercial campaigns it will be mandatory to put the #ad , and if it harms minors, they will also have to regularize these ads For the direct slots , the platform will have to ensure that can only be seen by adults * and, like tobacco, repeating the risk of betting from time to tobacco Alcoholic beverages can be announced ** as long as they have less than 20 degrees

Greater protection for minors , with more severe punishments to whom they skip this standard and/or use their children as a product All contents will have to respect all religions, races, collective, etc... and will be prohibited to promulgate hate messages **

There are many more rules that are not as prominent as this, and who does not comply with these rules has the risk of receiving a fine of between 30 thousand to 2 million euros . As you can see, these rules are something that in turn can be seen in the European Union and in the guidelines of different content creation platforms such as Twitch, YouTube or Instagram to create content in them.

Without going any further, Tik tok in many areas is much more restrictive than the case just above . Recall that this affects anyone who has a fiscal relationship with Spain, so 90% of content creators who moved to Andorra will also have to pay attention to this new law.

The main problem of this is not the law as such , but all the nuances that have not been taken according to what things and assuming that the platforms are exactly the same television. To this we must add the lack of Feedback with the creators of content **, something that shows that they have not consulted seeing any of the guidelines; But for most, everything will remain the same as before. So quiet, Streamer, your work is going to be exactly the same, only that the State has formalized and this time the messages of hate and misinformation will have consequences.


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