How to go through the test of the priest of the war in the King’s Fall raid in Destiny 2

One of the most famous raids Destiny returns to Destiny 2. The king’s fall was released shortly after the 18th season went on stage. He returns players to the heartbreaking recent points of the Taken King additions and sees the fall of Orix. So it is not surprising that the test of the priest of the war returned with the raid.


What is the test of the priest of the war in the King’s Fall Raid raid in Destiny 2?

The test of the priest is a rather simple matter compared to some other raid tests. The challenge simply requires that the combat group won in the battle with the military priest, each time having different holders of the aura (breath of the dedicated).

A fight with a military priest is a fascinating test that requires a quick reaction from guards. The only way to damage this huge threat is to use the Aura Druming Druming. This is achieved by performing a random sequence of glyphs with pillows scattered around the room. If the guard with the aura does not kill the enemy within 10 seconds, he will die, and the aura will go to another guard.

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