Global blockchain game company Gala Games, a new type of node reward is presented.

-If you just turn on the program on your personal computer

-Gamer who only played simple play as a 'service provider' beyond consumer

Gala, a blockchain entertainment company, said today (29), a subsidiary Gala Games, will introduce a planic node in the blockchain game Spider Tank. The user can directly participate in the hosting and ecosystem of the game server and receive compensation, which is receiving a lot of attention in the blockchain game industry.

Spider Tank is a blockchain-based tank shooting game, creating your own tank and fighting with your opponent. It currently supports three PVP contents: Team Deathmatch, flag occupation and chicken collecting. In particular, it is characterized by a variety of tank combinations using various bodies, weapons and auxiliary weapons.

Gala introduced a new planic node to the Spider Tank. Planier nodes are used as a means for users to participate in creating a game network environment. A user with a planic node uses its computer resources to support each matchmaking system and gameplay network environment.

The user will be rewarded with the game token of the Spider Tank when operating a planic node program for a certain time.

While most blockchain games are essential to gameplay, the planic node is considered to have proposed new alternatives for users' participation and rewards. In addition, it is said that the traditionally, the gamers' authority, which was traditionally provided by the game company, provided a path to allow users to directly participate, and dared to expand the authority of gamers who were simple consumers.

Gala In addition to the planical node, Gala has a variety of rewards. Users can get silk as a victory point that can be obtained through PVP content. Additional rewards are provided if there are in-game NFT items such as tank parts, maps and planets.

An official of Gala said, The introduction of this planic node is a new attempt to share the role and reward of existing game companies with users. We will do our best to show various innovations in the blockchain entertainment industry.


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