The rumors of the famous Switch Pro are turned on again

Rumors about the Nintendo Switch have begun to circulate once again online. Although at the moment there is no official information, it seems that the YouTube channel of the Great N well could give us clues that would indicate that the revelation of a new piece of hardware could be on its way.

According to several fans in the Internet forums, Nintendo has deprived various trailers of its official YouTube channel . Specifically, it has been pointed out that the revelation videos of the Switch Lite and Switch Oled are currently inaccessible to the public.

This is not the first time something like that happens, since prior to the revelation of the Switch Oled, the switch trailer Lite was private, which would point to a new announcement to be imminent. Now, does this mean that the Switch Pro will be revealed these days? Probably not. Since this information was announced, two events have been carried out that they could explain this situation.

The first of these is that Kit Ellis, former Nintendo employee, commented that due to problems with music licenses or the participation of some actors, The company decides to deprive its videos until they solve all possible inconveniences . This was what he commented:

These main videos generally have music or actors that have a license to use for a year, then they must be renewed or eliminated. Switch Oled was announced tomorrow a year ago. Most likely this is nothing.


The second explanation, is that today the announcement of a new model for the switch was carried out. However, we are not talking about a pro version of the console, but of a special edition of splatoon 3 for the OLED. These two cases could well explain the strange absence of Nintendo videos.

On related issues, you can learn more about the splatoon 3 Switch OLED. Similarly, incredible offers arrive at the eShop of this console.

Editor's note:

While there are a number of tracks what could aim at the arrival of the Switch Pro in the coming months, not everything is an indication that this will happen. In the case of today, everything seems to indicate that Ellis's explanation and the revelation of the splatoon 3 were the cause of the disappearance of these videos.


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