New mobile games that will be released in July 2022

The second month of summer has come, which, in addition to hot weather, boasts new releases of mobile video games. However, you should not hope for large releases such as, for example, Diablo Immortal in June or Ni No Kuni: Cross Worlds and Apex Legends Mobile in May. July will be quite weak for interesting mobile games, but users who like to pass the time playing a smartphone should take a closer look at some future projects that will be released this month.

Heroes of Crown

Release: July 5 Preliminary registration: Android and iOS

The Chinese developer Woobest Game decided not to come up with anything new and plans to release IDLE STRUTEGY Heroes of Crown on mobile platforms with all the mechanics that are now in many similar conditionally paying games. We are talking about a fucker-mechanic, which allows you to get new heroes, and autoboye for battles without the participation of a player. Also, a PVP content will be represented here, where lovers to compete with other gamers will be able to test their skills and the strength of the team in battles with real people from around the world.


Release: July 7 Preliminary registration: Android and iOS

Another mobile game with Gacha-Mechanics and Autoboy called Grimlight, only this time the Korean team from the Eight Studio studio is responsible for the development. According to the plot, you have to become the savior of the fantasy world, which should form a strong team from the heroes of classic fairy tales painted by best anime illustrators. Having gathered a detachment, it will be necessary to pump its participants and find the best equipment for them, so that it is possible to resist the forces of powerful opponents.

Dicey Dungeons

Release: July 7 Preliminary order: is not yet available

Perhaps someone has already heard the name of this game earlier, and this is not surprising, because it is a port of the project of the same name for large platforms. Like senior versions, the mobile Dicey Dungeons will have to be bought for the game. If you first hear about this game from the Irish developer Terry Cavanagh, then it is a dynamic card cuckold. In the title role, there is a cube on the legs, which, using a throw of playing bone, fights with various opponents in constantly changing dungeons. By the way, in Steam the game has more than seven thousand positive reviews, and along with access to mobile platforms, the developer is going to release a free DLC with 6 episodes (4-5 hours of gameplay).

Saint Seiya: Legend of Justice

Release: July 12 Preliminary registration: Android and iOS

And the name of this mobile game can be familiar to people who are fond of reading manga and watching anime, because it was created based on Saint Seiya (zodiac knights). In addition, the author of the manga-masse of Kurumad took part in the development of this game. Saint Seiya itself: Legend of Justice is an idle-rpg with a classic plot and familiar fans of heroes. The battles here are in real time with the ability to include the Autoba function. There is also a gacha and separate modes, including PVP-Arena.

Banana Kong 2

Release: July 14 Preliminary registration: Android and iOS

After almost 10 years, the developer of the FDG Entertainment is going to release the continuation of the endless 2D Banana Kong. Unlike his predecessor, the sequel was developed on an improved engine and will be able to please fans with excellent visual effects with new tasks and functions. In addition, the developers promise to make each race different from the other, and leave the control simple using one finger.


Release : July 15 Preliminary registration: Android and iOS

The first and only MMO-sandwoman on this list, where players will be able to freely travel through an open seamless world with an area of 1000 square kilometers. Here you can deal with craft, cultivation of crop, construction of your own home and taming various mythical creatures. Also, if you wish, you can make your pet unique, adding to its image a part of the body from the defeated animal and making it stronger. Another feature of Chimeraland is the extensive customization of the game character and many types of weapons that can be changed at their discretion.

fantasy town

Release: July 18 Preliminary registration: Android and iOS

For lovers of farm simulators this month, Gamigo will produce Fantasy Town on mobile platforms. In it you have to do not only growing various cultures, but also the general development of the city, erecting various structures. In this game there are also RPG and adventure elements: you will have to raise the level of their residents to repulse the attackers of the trolls, and expand the boundaries of their possessions along with the study of new territories and the search for rare resources. And in order to distract from the duties of the Lord, it will be possible to play in various mini-games both in solo and together with friends for more fun.

Danganronpa S: Ultimate Summer Camp

Release: July 21 Preliminary order: is not yet available

After several months of exclusivity at the Nintendo Switch, the developer Spike Chunsoft plans to release an improved version of the Danganronpa V3 board game: Killing Harmony on mobile and other platforms. In Danganronpa S: Ultimate Summer Camp, characters from four games of the series will be presented, and you can play for any of them. Your disposal will have 50 days (50 moves), for which you can move around the island of Barmaglot and meet with other characters, increase your level and study the skills. Having reached a certain level of development of the hero, you can create a detachment with 4 characters and go to a 200-level tower for battles with monocum monsters and obtaining awards. They can be used to purchase new characters through Monomono cars.

Octopath Traveler: Champions of the Continent

Release: July 27 Preliminary registration: Android and iOS

After the release in the Land of the Rising Sun, Square Enix decided to give the opportunity to test the prequel of Jrpg Octopath Traveler to residents of North America and Europe. Unlike his brother for large platforms, Octopath Traveler: Champions of the Continent boasts a large number of characters for battles (up to eight instead of four) and a conditionally paid distribution model. Otherwise, the mobile exclusive is similar to the senior version of the classic step-by-step combat system of JRPG, the visual style and, of course, the universe where events occur on the continent of Osterra.

The House of Da Vinci 3

Release: July 28 (iOS), August-September (Android) Preliminary order: is not yet available

The Slovak developer Blue Brain Games is going to begin to release a third part of the mystical puzzle this summer, where the fans for the last time have to take on the role of Jakomo, friend and student Leonardo da Vinci. In the final of the trilogy, you will find new original riddles, Italian beautiful locations in the Renaissance and Traveling and Time. As in the past parts, in The House of Da Vinci 3, you need to carefully study the premises and objects located in them in order to find caches or puzzles that need to be solved.

In conclusion, I would like to say that this is not a complete list of mobile releases for July 2022. Many games are now at the stage of preliminary registration, and the developers can announce their withdrawal within this summer month at any time. Therefore, stay with us so as not to miss the most interesting releases.