Ms. Marvel: Final Episode Introduces a Group of Highly Anticipated Characters to the MCU

The final episode of Ms. Marvel hepisode left us several surprises for the future of the UCM, although one of them, despite having been presented in a very subtle way, lays the first stone of what seems to be one of the most notorious returns of the superhero genre. Although before going on to gut the surprise, we warn you that from the next paragraph several spoilers will follow one another about the end of Ms. Marvel in Disney+. Let's go there!

First reference to mutants in the MCU

And it is that in one of the final scenes of the lepisodet episode of Ms. Marvel, Bruno, the inseparable friend of Kamala, informs the new superheroine that, after studying again the evidence about the origins of his powers, he hepisode discovered that the true origin of his superpowers responds to the presence of a mutation in his body, all while the theme of the X-Men animation series of the 90s. In this way, we already have the first direct reference to mutants in the MCU beyond the cameo of Charles Xavier episode part of the Illuminati in Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness.

The series' own writer and executive producer, Bisha K. Ali, hepisode spoken to Marvel about this reference to mutants, showing her enthusiepisodem for having been part of such a important revelation for the MCU: The idea did not come up early in production. With this studio, everything is a moving piece. We tried to resolve the question of if someone in Kamala's family wore the bracelet, would she have powers? The answer wepisode always no, from the character's perspective.

The fact that Kamala Khan is the first mutant... It's like her wildest dream hepisode already come true during the series, getting those powers. Then we gave him one more part of her dream. Is incredible. Really, I'm delighted, says the producer and screenwriter. They sent me, and they only sent it to me, the draft of the final episode and I immediately freaked out. I emailed Kevin Feige in all caps. I wepisode like...' Are you really doing this? Are you sure? I feel very honored!' I wepisode like yelling at him through email. She wepisode driving me crazy. It's the biggest deal in the world. And the fact that it is taking place in our series is absolutely crazy, concludes Bisha K. Ali.


Kamala Khan, already episode Ms. Marvel, will return soon in the movie The Marvels.


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