Battlefield 2042 was argued by the journalist remark that the abandoned ship time is almost present. The developer is properly

An overseas journalist states that the development team of Battlefield 2042 has been reduced to the minimum. The remark is called a ripple, and the developer EA/DICE is immediately refuted. The two claims are different, with the minimum and development teams, and the development teams are sufficient.

Battlefield 2042 is the latest work of the multiplayer FPS Battlefield series. After the release on November 19, last year, problems and performance problems continued. The Steam continued to sluggish in the player population and user review evaluation, and the developer was working on improving the situation in the update. On June 7, this work distributed Update#1.0, which includes a large number of corrections and improvements. On June 9, the postponed season 1 finally started. This work is in the middle of being rebirth.

However, on June 9, the opening day of the season, journalist Jeff Grubb stated that the developer EA/DICE has greatly reduced the development team of Battlefield 2042. He was featured in overseas media VGC, and called ripples. Grubb was a member of the overseas media Venturebeat until this month, and is currently enrolled in Giant Bomb. He operates his own video program on the site. He is a person who has conveyed the internal development of various games (but unknown), and is also known for exposed talks. This time, he talked about the current status of the Battlefield 2042 development team on his own program GRUBBSNAX on Giant Bomb.

Grubb first commented that the development team of Battlefield 2042 has been reduced to the minimum member (Skeleton Crew). The minimized team says that the content contained in the expensive edition of this work, that is, the additional content that promised to be developed, is just faster and cheaply.

Battlefield He also states that the quality of the content added in the future will be lower. The policy was taken to devote resources to the next Battlefield work. Grubb describes this situation as Abandoned Ship Time. He seems to have metaphorized Battlefield 2042 as a ship that sinks, and he has metaphorized as the crew has already been evacuated, and only the members who have left the ship are left-off. He says, I understand that EA wants to focus on the next work, and many fans will want it.

On the other hand, EA/DICE, who was stingy at the important timing of trying to restart Battlefield 2042, also responded quickly. He sent a rebuttal message to Grubb during the same day. EA/DICE first denied the development status of Grubb as different from the facts. He argued that more than enough staff to improve and evolve Battlefield 2042 is gathering from many studios, mainly DICE. The company also commented that he would do his best to the future of Battlefield 2042 based on feedback from players. He commented that the initiative was introduced in the development team update released in May.

EA and Grubb's claims are different, whether the development system of Battlefield 2042 is full. Only the EA internal staff knows the actual situation. Although GRUBB may have made such insider remarks as a source, it is impossible to objectively determine which claim is true. However, whether or not the development team is sufficient can be a certain amount from the future improvement of Battlefield 2042. I hope that the players want the Battlefield 2042 that the players want is assigned.


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