Valorant: The Xolos become teachers of the Overtime against Infinity at the Northern VCT

Returning to the northern clashes at the VCT Valorant where the teams had a week to be able to work and refine the details they saw last week through their clashes, today we see them with a different face to be able to demonstrate all the improvements that worked in This little break to get victory in these new days within the tournament.

A return to the currency

My Friend was on the ENEMY TEAM during my PROMO GAME

The first series put Team Cruelty team against Fusion starting on a map of Icebox that would show the power of the cruel team from the beginning, managing to let the Baez play with a Chamber That would put his rivals by placing a 8-4 to gradually reach the victory point that closed the map with 13-6. **

Changing the air to reach an Ascent where the Fusion team would react tremendously by placing the first half in their favor thanks to Kolby “Torrify” Bruzo that would do a good job in the attack with its Chamber Giving the possibility of leaving a 10-2, during the change in roles the cruelty team needed to use those flashes that it has given during its confrontations, however, the Fusion team would seek to quickly close the map with aggressive plays and forced rounds that would give him the tie in the series.

In a decisive map that would be Haven both teams began with aggressive games to find the advantage that will bring them closer and more to victory but it would be a 6-6 during the first half that would be marked, in The change of sides Carlo “DCOP” of the Sol would make great entries with Fade that allowed him to get his team to plant the spike and managed to take the series in the day.

A series of movie

For the second series we saw a very anticipated game e-Xolos Lazer against Infinity on an icebox where the infinity team began in defense but the style that the Xolos marked was superior letting Santiago “Daveeys” Galvis did his job with * Chamber To get to enter very successfully inside the map getting a 8-4 *, the things in the second half will change a lot because they would end up sending the map several overtime thanks to the fact that Infinity turned on the accelerator with The power of Daniel "Theory" Albadan that would make 34 casualt

Arriving at the second map of Ascent we saw how the things we saw in the previous Things 8-4, In the change of roles, things would see the light in favor of the Xolos who learned from their mistakes of the past map to stop the infinity letting JFOEN react with his reason to achieve generate aggressions that would give them the map and standard point with a 13-5.

Great games are the ones that were lived yesterday thanks to these changes in the mentality of the new teams that arrive in the Northern League and also that the north seeks to break the record of the longest game in the Competitive of Valorant, now we will have to See what the teams show us today with the next day of the tournament.,


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