Starfield shows me again that you release

Bethesda postponed his RPG hope Starfield on November 11, 2022 to the first half of 2023. And my reaction to it was similarly sober as this sentence. To be honest, I was surprised how little I was surprised at this message. On the one hand, this may be due to the behavior that sounds about the behavior that last leaked to the game.

On the other hand, this certainly has something to do with the fact that for me the release appointments have lost their importance in recent years and are now only fragile indications.

Corona as a skepticism catalyst

STARFIELD Has Been DELAYED And Why It Will Probably Happen Again A few years ago, it was at least felt that you could rely on release appointments, they were almost carved in st1. Of course there was a shift here and there, but in most cases that was more of an exception.

Then Corona came and that changed everything. The pandemic, the move to the home office and other factors left significant traces at the studios, which can be determined by the long list of games that have been postponed over the past two years. Some were a few months, others - such as Halo Infinite - were put back for a whole year.

Tobias Veltin

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Tobi was excited about Starfield, but he no longer expected a release this year. The numerous shifts from cyberpunk and the development history of Halo Infinite have taught him to be skeptical at release appointments. What has once more true.

shifts are mostly good and correct

This should not be an attack on these decisions, because in most cases it is good and useful to postpone a title, after all, high quality is now expected everywhere. But the events of the past few years have changed my perception of release appointments.

Where in the past often the mention of a specific date often triggered anticipation and made me reach for the red pencil in order to caught the corresponding day in the calendar, the skepticism prevails today. As at the time when the Starfield appointment was announced, in which the schnapps number date mentioned looked nice, but I asked myself how to finish such an apparently complex project until then.

Many studios and publishers seem to go in a similar direction and usually only remain very vague when naming the appearance dates. Caution is the mother of the development box, so to speak. In the meantime, only a season is often mentioned, sometimes only a year- a lot of leeway, so that it is still back and forth in it and in the end not "but you said that it comes in..."- to have to expose allegations.

I think this caution is good and correct and Starfield shows that some of the studios themselves no longer trust the release appointments. And even with you out there, this basic skepticism has already been used when I look at the many "I knew" comments under our shift news. The most beautiful joy is anticipation, it means so beautiful, I no longer tie them on to release appointments. As with the Dead Space Remake, which is due to be released on January 27, 2023. I'm looking forward to it, but still don't dare to roast - until I can start it on my console.

Do you still trust release appointments?


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